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I Called In Sick Today

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and after 3 days, he is risen!

If you are paying $20 for a haircut, I imagine people assume you did it yourself anyway.

Pocket change cost me my first and only black girlfriend.   It was in the middle of a roaring poker boom and I was flush in ways most men don't even bother dreaming of. Money, it was like dirt to me

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Some of them are just super dumb. Like, the one Saturday, pushed back the call a few times to watch a movie with her sister (why would you tell me that?), to where we finally ended up starting at 10:40. I get on the call and she’s sitting up in bed, obviously fading. We go for about 30 minutes and sign off, with her not really putting any effort into the conversation.

Obviously she was never into it, so I don’t know why she agreed to do the call in the first place. There was no additional info gained between the time we set it up, and when she started throwing signs of disinterest - which is, by far, the more annoying behavior compared to just canceling on me.

I know to just unmatch the next time a girl starts doing that. If by some chance they are actually into it, but just lazy or not self aware, it’s not going to be something I’d enjoy dealing with in a relationship. 

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On 12/19/2020 at 11:25 AM, InternetExplorer said:

Update on parents Brv?


Both are basically done with it and all healed up.  We are going over there on Thursday.  Thanks for asking!

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I asked this girl about a video date and she said she wasn’t quite ready yet because of anxiety but would be willing to exchange numbers so I gave her mine and haven’t heard anything from her since. Now after a recent Reddit thread about shit that goes on at dating sites I’m convinced she’s actually just an employee stringing me along to keep me paying.

I definitely need better pictures but also I just need to be physically more attractive because pictures will only help so much. I saw some girl on Reddit doing an ama about how she critiques dating profiles and I think I’m going to do that once I’m able to get some better pictures. Just doesn’t seem worth it if she’s just going to tell me I need better pics. Pictures. 

Also hope SA didn’t die. 

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Well, I mean she didn’t give me her number yet. Just said that she’d be OK with texting first. I just suggested doing a video date or maybe exchanging numbers. I didn’t know exchanging numbers was that big of deal, tbh.  So, we’ll see. It’s been fun even if this as far as it goes. Better than a stick in the eye, anyways. 

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Yeah can’t remember if I mentioned it but I’ve been working with a trainer over zoom this last month and a half. Basically 2 zoom workouts a week with her as well as one on my own as well as daily goals like 5k steps, 5 min shoulder workout, that kind of stuff. Making good progress. Still a long ways to go but feeling a lot better physically. 

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More good virus news: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-19802-w


Out of 10 million participants, there were only 300 asymptotic cases and none passed the virus on to anyone else.  Basically meaning that if you aren’t sick, there is 0% worry that you are passing it to anyone else.  For this to be accurate we have to trust scientists and studies coming out of China, which is certainly not a given.


I’m hopeful that sometime around the, let’s say, 21st of next month, lockdowns (that haven’t worked anywhere) can stop and we can get back to normal.  I’m hopeful they don’t do another big fake lockdown for PR reasons and then in the summer claim they beat it.  Not because I care about the new team getting credit, but because that means 6 more months of lost business and destroyed lives for no reason.


And just to be clear for future reference:


I believe the virus is real and very dangerous for people over 70.

I think people that are high risk should be wearing a mask at all times for the rest of their lives if they are worried about COVID because you never know what you might catch.  

I think that if you are under 70 and are feeling even a little bit “off” or that you are “coming down with something”, that you should avoid people (especially old people) and wear a mask.  

I believe that the virus could be just as present walking to your table in a restaurant as it would be with you sitting down at a restaurant and that lockdowns are just for show.

I believe that lockdowns haven’t worked at all [insert case numbers and deaths from Europe, California, and New York here].  




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I think the first round of lockdowns were effective for like a month. Since then, fatigue has kind of set in, with progressively more people ignoring guidance. If it truly had the case fatality rate used in the imperial college model, I think lockdowns would have been more effective.

I know of one person at work, 40s and extremely unhealthy lifestyle, that has struggled with covid for weeks. I think he’ll be OK. I also know that one of my coworkers’ grandparents, age 80+, died of it.

So, at least in my personal observations, of having watched a bunch of people around me getting it over the last nine months or so, I really don’t like the cost/benefit here. The burst of vaccine innovation and an increased awareness of where we aren’t ready for the real thing, those are nice, but I’m sad that it took this bad of a scare and this much economic sacrifice to get that investment.

That has continued to blow my mind, by the way. The sheer cost of this compared to the almost complete lack of interest in it as recently as January. 

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Yeah, seeing how other countries have handled things with their lockdowns as well as anecdotally in Minnesota...things were fairly under control during the summer during the hardest lockdowns, and then as they loosened restrictions, mixed with WI loosening them even further and lots of people going just over the border, we saw cases, deaths, and hospitalizations start to explode and then they locked some things down again and things started getting better.  They have been fairly clear though that the main spreading events have been private get togethers/weddings/funerals where people weren’t masked or distancing, fwiw.  Really sucks that restaurants and bars get the brunt of it.  

So, I just don’t fully buy that lockdowns are useless as a virus suppression technique, I guess. Now the cost/benefit of places going under and the like...I don’t know. Sure would have been nice to have more  $$$ for these businesses if they were asking them to shut down though.  It all sucks. 

I don’t know anybody who’s died, thankfully (yet anyways, my 90+ yr old grandma is currently hospitalized with it). Known lots of people who have gotten it with various levels of being affected to barely noticed to months in the hospital.  

Counting down the days until I can get a vaccine. 

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Also, I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion here but seeing the vaccine progress when we just throw money and resources at it feels bittersweet when thinking about the progress we could make on climate change if everyone got on board and we did the same. But I worry it’ll take getting to the point where it’s affecting literally everybody a lot more noticeably before that happens and by then it’ll probably be too late.

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The trend is pretty obviously in the direction of finding more cost-effective alternatives, which is great. When they’re here, there’s not going to be much of an argument domestically.

India might be willing to make commitments when the time comes. Who knows.

China’s invested a bunch in carbon energy infrastructure, which they will not simply shutter upon request. They might enter into a climate accord and do us the kindness of lying about their numbers. Bottom line, China’s doing what the rest of us do, which is exactly whatever suits our perceived interests today.

Get the technology in place, and people will make the switch for economic reasons over time. ESG investing and virtue signaling from CEOs / bankers won’t fundamentally change the equation. 

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Talking to a new girl, an actuary. Did a video chat with her last night and clicked nicely.

Super nice, great communication, but doesn’t want to do dinner due to covid. I figure it’ll be fine once she gets the vaccine, maybe six months or something.

The girl at work from a few months ago, she kinda complains to me about dating these days. She has had dinner with a professor guy twice, and he starts pressing to meet up again outside of a dinner setting. She complains to me about it. I’m like, you have said to me that you’re not going to sleep with him, but you keep letting him buy dinner. Are you sure he’s the villain in this story?

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