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  1. **** em. Someone needed to say it
  2. Olivia Wilde? Yeah, I would hope
  3. House is an excellent #1
  4. Anh, you can’t do that. Why didn’t you buy Amazon 10 years ago, or Apple, or any number of other stocks. That type of stuff is a pointless exercise in frustration
  5. Never saw Book of Eli, and you’re order is flawed, but I like the rest of the choices. I may have to check the IMDB to replace one or two. Crimson Tide Training Day Inside Man Man on Fire Glory thats the top 5 for me. Deja Vu makes my top 10. Devil in a Blue Dress too. So that’s 7 for me. Maybe Ricochet. shocked Malcolm X didn’t make your list. To be fair, it doesn’t make mine. Watched it once, it was good, he was good, but I can find 10 of his movies I’d watch first can’t believe you didn’t pick Remember the Titans. People love that movie. I don’t really. So I’m definitely replacing Courage under fire, Book of Eli, and maybe American Gangster. Gotta ponder that last one. Can’t guarantee He Got Game can make the cut.
  6. You’re just mad that even those women don’t want your D i kid, and deflect, because I’m over talking about that stuff.
  7. But, otherwise, sports, boobs, beer. I miss a few of those things
  8. Right, and I mostly agree with what you wrote. Mostly normal, non radicalized Trumper Q crazy people can find a lot of common ground where we are. Sadly, there are vocal minorities that drive the car into a guard rail. that being said, the same stuff used to be said about gays, gay marriage, etc. They didn’t want special treatment, they just wanted the same rights as you and I. Not more, just equal. Beyond that, I honestly don’t know enough about what trans people are fighting for. I always assumed it was just simple equality. But much like blacks at the lunch counter 60 years ago, giving them any rights makes some people feel like they are losing their rights. being a bigot and hating a certain group aren’t rights anyone can fight for. Eff those people. But they try
  9. Wrong, but you do you, boo boo
  10. I guess I chased Strat off with my comments? While that wasn’t my intention, and i like JeffyD, I won’t apologize for my stance. I will apologize for maybe being overly harsh (I apologize) but you don’t frigging give dental tips to someone you barely know over a zoom convo because you think you are helping them and it’s something you don’t like about them. That’s just not even a little cool. I hope he comes back by and shares more about his dating grind.
  11. I would say Johnny becoming Sally at 15 and then dominating the sport is just as infrequent of 5 alpha reductive phraseology compartmentalizations syndrome, or whatever it was called. I’m not saying I agree that a “boy” can just flip to a girl and start winning track meets, but it’s more complicated than that. And do you really think they are doing it just to win races? You don’t think the grief they catch from society is greater than the joy from winning? it’s all just so silly, but I don’t think there are many “boys” changing to girls and becoming gold medalists. It’s just anecdotal bs to fire up the masses. Same with the bathroom bs controversy. I ain’t want no burly man peeing with my little girl. It’s all just a smoke screen to rile people up. Like there is effing security at all women’s bathrooms stopping men from going in and being bad regardless if they are wearing a dress or not. there is middle ground, but nobody wants to give an inch, especially on one side. I refuse to do false equivalencies. Not saying the left doesn’t have its share of kooks and unreasonable people, cuz they do, but it ain’t near as many as the right
  12. I’m just shocked that the earth is more than 5000 years old
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