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  1. Let them get a little brown, peel, break in half, put on a sheet pan, freeze them, then put them in a a freezer bag. make smoothies and mixed fruity drinks with rum
  2. Brvy, while genuine and sincere, doesn’t seem like the type to get choked up over a tv show. Lasso had a run where they got me multiple episodes in a row. Guess I’m getting old
  3. **** em. Someone needed to say it
  4. Olivia Wilde? Yeah, I would hope
  5. Anh, you can’t do that. Why didn’t you buy Amazon 10 years ago, or Apple, or any number of other stocks. That type of stuff is a pointless exercise in frustration
  6. Never saw Book of Eli, and you’re order is flawed, but I like the rest of the choices. I may have to check the IMDB to replace one or two. Crimson Tide Training Day Inside Man Man on Fire Glory thats the top 5 for me. Deja Vu makes my top 10. Devil in a Blue Dress too. So that’s 7 for me. Maybe Ricochet. shocked Malcolm X didn’t make your list. To be fair, it doesn’t make mine. Watched it once, it was good, he was good, but I can find 10 of his movies I’d watch first can’t believe you didn’t pick Remember the Titans. People love that movie. I
  7. You’re just mad that even those women don’t want your D i kid, and deflect, because I’m over talking about that stuff.
  8. But, otherwise, sports, boobs, beer. I miss a few of those things
  9. Right, and I mostly agree with what you wrote. Mostly normal, non radicalized Trumper Q crazy people can find a lot of common ground where we are. Sadly, there are vocal minorities that drive the car into a guard rail. that being said, the same stuff used to be said about gays, gay marriage, etc. They didn’t want special treatment, they just wanted the same rights as you and I. Not more, just equal. Beyond that, I honestly don’t know enough about what trans people are fighting for. I always assumed it was just simple equality. But much like blacks at the lunch counter 60 yea
  10. I guess I chased Strat off with my comments? While that wasn’t my intention, and i like JeffyD, I won’t apologize for my stance. I will apologize for maybe being overly harsh (I apologize) but you don’t frigging give dental tips to someone you barely know over a zoom convo because you think you are helping them and it’s something you don’t like about them. That’s just not even a little cool. I hope he comes back by and shares more about his dating grind.
  11. I would say Johnny becoming Sally at 15 and then dominating the sport is just as infrequent of 5 alpha reductive phraseology compartmentalizations syndrome, or whatever it was called. I’m not saying I agree that a “boy” can just flip to a girl and start winning track meets, but it’s more complicated than that. And do you really think they are doing it just to win races? You don’t think the grief they catch from society is greater than the joy from winning? it’s all just so silly, but I don’t think there are many “boys” changing to girls and becoming gold medalists. It’s just
  12. I’m just shocked that the earth is more than 5000 years old
  13. Agree with some, disagree with some. thanks for the thoughts funny you mentioned the little checks to the people, and I agree, I didn’t need either check and still got them, but you made no mention of that huge fcking grift of PPP, which was a lot more money than those checks to people. And people like me took those checks and boosted the economy
  14. I ask this with no preconceived notions of the right answer, and I believe people should be mostly allowed to do what they want to do, even at the expense of service workers, mask requirements, etc what should be done once the hospitals are full and overwhelmed, and just can’t handle another month of working tons of hours, etc due to people doing whatever they want and bringing it home take me and the wife, we don’t do anything, (except tonight, oddly) I work from home, mostly pickup groceries, etc, but wife’s son moved back in, has two service industry jobs, and is soon to
  15. Calmer than you and yes, I am still enjoying my home office with five screens and a good quality chair. No complaints from me. Which was the point I tried to make after my little outburst over the notion of telling someone you really don’t know that well they have bad teeth and suspect grooming habits.
  16. But in truth, I did not mean to be overly nasty to Strat. I did mean to be direct and a little mean, because I was aghast of the premise, but I know Strat means well. I just think he is waaaayyyyy off in his approach. I apologize to Strat. Suited can huff my balls, just because
  17. I have not yet begun to fight. You’re next, bub
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