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  5. Old school WWF was the best thing ever.
  6. look at brvy, caving like a sheep. not me, boys. i know what to do here. seriously though i'll be getting my vaccine soon. though i do hate needles and im a little scared.
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  9. We just want you to stay 5G capable brvy that's all. I slept pretty much all day Friday, back to normal yesterday ~feeling dangerous~ I've never had a shot make me so sleepy.
  10. good if you needed any more convincing
  11. Get vaccinated in about a month Brvy. The amount of protection you have from a vaccine is massively more than from having Covid. The fact you have had Covid means you are primed for even more protection after your first shot of vaccine. Yearly booster shots will probably be the norm. Most likely designed to cover newer variants. Natural immunity from having been infected with classic Covid probably doesn't offer you much protection against some of the variants as the Brazilian city of Manaus has shown. They figure something like 75% of the population got classic Covid in their 1st wave. They've now getting infected a second time with the P1 variant. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/a-city-in-brazils-amazon-rain-forest-is-a-stark-warning-about-covid-to-the-rest-of-the-world/
  12. I'm glad you didn't have any side effects, Fritz! I'm probably not going to get my vaccine anymore. They are saying that they are only effective for 6 months? Is that accurate? Does anyone know how long antibodies in your blood are supposed to last after you have COVID? I'll probably just wait until the FDA approves a vaccine and then get it. (Unless all the vaccines end up being yearly ones like a flu shot. Then I'll just skip it until I'm 60)
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  15. Microchip number two administered today--super tired, some mild joint pain. No other side effects yet, glad to have it over with.
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  25. Glad you made it through to the other side, brvy. things are good for me. Life goes on, much as it has this past age.
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