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  2. GATOR77, nikscris, NoJazz, Section7, SQUIRRELBONE, The_String Larry Bird and Terrell Owens
  3. No worries, man! In that spot, feeling iffy about the check on the flop is legit. Button's throwing 4K after the turn, considering your stack, might be a good time to lay down the AdTd, living to fight another hand
  4. Limping the button's a slick move for sure. Lowers the risk, snags that sweet position advantage, and messes with the GTO solvers trying to squeeze. Plus, it keeps the weaker hands in the mix. Now, hitting 'em with a 1/3 pot bet on the flop? That's playing it smart and sly with just 1BB in the mix...
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  6. A009112, Deyna_Otter, ftpjesus, gatortom64, magicjc, PegNelson, PokerJoe, wallygmoney7 Andrew Cuomo and Judd Apatow
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  8. acesup85, Nixed Walt Disney and Martin Van Buren
  9. Well I didn't expect that. Purdy with the 4TD, 0 INT, 149 passer rating, 315 yard snoozefest. I love him. You nailed it about the officiating Fritz. It's been horrible. I hate how they are shoving new officials in just to make a quota of some sort. This is not me hating on women. This is me understanding that there is zero chance that the 6 women officials they have now were able to already get the real-world experience that they need to be quality officials. In last night's Chiefs/Packers game with 19 seconds left the official was literally standing right next to the
  10. hhhwmx7, jeff_536, Propaganda 916, rocketpoker828 Jay-Z and Jeff Bridges
  11. bender2004, BigDawg68, diegovarv, MIKE_DRUMM, Solara, SOLARA21, vb-iphone Ozzy Osbourne and Amanda Seyfried
  12. brabz, BuLkHoGaN, danc1984, Mazin, notbad4agirl, RyanUnwired, StormDeal, wnt2win Britney Spears and Aaron Rodgers
  13. I'm crazy excited for this 49ers / Eagles game on Sunday, but I'll be on suicide watch if the Eagles win solidly. I want the Eagles to lose, not only to make Purdy look better, but also for the Cowboys getting that glorious #1 seed that means so much with this new wild card format.
  14. I got your Art Briles shout out. Thanks for introducing me to Dan, McGee.
  15. mother_flopper, sc961, Seraph Sarah Silverman and Richard Pryor
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  17. alexruimy, Clay Aiken, MikeRH, My2cents, OurgamePoker, specialk, Tiltinagain Winston Churchill and Kaley Cuoco
  18. This is McGee. I forgot my password and apparently I don't have access to the email I signed up for this place with. I do, however, still have the joke email address I created for this dumb account 15 years ago. It's still collecting spam for me, when I don't want to give a good email address to sign up for something. I wish Dutch could have lived to see this day. Sup Brvy.
  19. Finally Kissinger is gone. Say hello to Art Briles.
  20. Howie Mandel and Don Cheadle
  21. CodyDean, gokiljerry, hartman72, jcplas5555, JIMMY-THE-FISH, oldskoopimp, Stiles2004, tomvdw Anna Nicole Smith and Randy Newman
  22. Incubus77546, JasonBo, Jennings7 Bill Nye and Bruce Lee
  23. Odds can be a wild ride. From what I'm seeing, it's like the pair plus and straight bets are doing a tag team on that house advantage. When you roll 'em together, it somehow drops to 2.3%, if the numbers are jiving, might be worth a shot
  24. hammrtime, Irish-4-Ever, mrdrevil2u, SavagePenguin Tina Turner and Mark Margolis
  25. That older mentor role sounds like a crucial part of the story, helping Stu Unger turn things around and giving him a shot at redemption. ........
  26. Everlast11, KingBubba69, Matmunk, Tiburon41 Joe DiMaggio and John F. Kennedy Jr.
  27. pid hawk Zachary Taylor and Billy Connolly
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