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  2. mase gotsem, novalak, PMJackson21 Jennifer Lopez and Amelia Earhart
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  4. benhoug, chillchill, FARGOpokerND, fitzinabox, Jrobb25, King JB, konzerellee, lew189, sl0wburn Woody Harrelson and Monica Lewinsky
  5. 87suited, azureXsmurF, brm2207, ChunkyLuver69, FamousJerry, mute22, Oziumrules, SumLuganette Selena Gomez and Alex Trebek
  6. I was surprised that thing was only 3.5 million.
  7. Greenland - big gerard butler fan, as you know. really good movie. really well done, i would give it 4/5 stars. really love movies this like. The Tomorrow War - it was fine. could have been better. I kind of feel like Chris Pratt mailed it in, but maybe he was going for understated. i won't go into the plot holes, but there were a few big ones.
  8. i hate that ledouche is on the lakers. i can't stand him anymore. i'm a giannis fan, a real champion.
  9. i've been working from home for 16 months now. apparently i have to go back in September, but i gotta tell you, i dont want to.
  10. FTWDOMER, hoffa, lamila, setexasman, tammy3226 Robin Williams and Don Knotts
  11. Essay's Top Ten Matt Damon Movies 1. Good Will Hunting 2. The Departed 3. The Adjustment Bureau 4. Contagion 5. The Martian 6. Dogma 7. Rounders 8. Oceans 11 9. The Legend of Baggar Vance 10. Saving Private Ryan
  12. that is ten demerits, brvy. just because you and i are the only people left in the world doesnt mean the rules no longer apply. plus, the Dark Knight is so overrated.
  13. DinkDonkfighter, mmsdan, PokerMisfit Gisele Bündchen and Natalie Wood
  14. Does he need any more money though?
  15. I'm back at work now. Summer is officially over. How did you guys spend your last 6 weeks off work?
  16. This is a decent list. Maybe one of your best. However, it needs a few changes: The real Top Ten Morgan Freeman Movies 1. The Shawshank Redemption 2. Seven 3. Unforgiven 4. Glory 5. Driving Miss Daisy 6. Amistad 7. Kiss the Girls 8. The Dark Knight 9. Outbreak 10. Gone Baby Gone
  17. That's fair. ps. Macho Man is still too low.
  18. When Conor heals, if he is serious about wanting to fight and beat contenders, ideally I’d like to see him fight someone like Dan Hooker or Tony Ferguson. He fought Cowboy, why not fight one of these guys. If he can’t beat either of those guys he’s washed and should just call it a career. If he can beat them give him a top guy that’s not the Dagestani guy (whatever his name is) who would just maul Conor Or just fight Nate Diaz again and retire. If he knows he’s not as motivated anymore and is just fighting solely for the money then this is the way to go. I like this option the best
  19. derek_pizzle, Shimmering Wang, Veener Schnitz Jon Jones and Howard Schultz
  20. And then of course there’s the: “ON A RUSH” and “PLAY THE RUSH” Yes, the almighty Rush; you know, that period of time within a session when the world revolves around you. The chips just keep coming your way, with you winning pot after pot after pot. True rushes don’t happen often but when they do there’s nothing like it. What’s even scarier to the other players at the table is a player who knows how to take full advantage of a rush. The rushee often become looser and more aggressive at just the time the other players are starting to tighten up as their stacks dwindle. This
  21. Essay's Top Ten Morgan Freeman Movies 1. The Shawshank Redemption 2. Seven 3. Unforgiven 4. Glory 5. Gone Baby Gone 6. Million Dollar Baby 7. Driving Miss Daisy 8. Outbreak 9. Along Came a Spider 10. Deep Impact
  22. mjb268, pbwl11, pokerbowler, tenpinpete Vin Diesel and Nelson Mandela
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  24. If it were my picnic, I'd have sunny and playful but laidback (maybe also food-related) songs -- but tbh it depends on the menu! If it's mostly finger foods with soda/beer: M.O.N.T. - Boom Bang, Sungjae - Chicken, Soyeon - Idle Song; Jelly, Starry Nightt Music - Pizza Day https://printsbery.com/cards/thank-you
  25. -andrei-, barchizzle, bongky, gameraidbet, LJB723, malcolm, Oggmonster, scottmoore Donald Sutherland and David Hasselhoff
  26. mark_999, van patrickson Will Ferrell and Barry Sanders
  27. gyaygi, INFO@ALLIN216.COM, jefrock21, justinsampson, Kusya123, PiperJay, robbo, Spicy, USMARINE1 Damian Lillard and Forest Whitaker
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