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  2. And I'm a big New York Gangs fan, probably Scorsese's most underrated film. I watched this thing about 30 times, no less, and now it seems I can read all the dialogues by heart😎
  3. Recently, I watch boxing less and less because there are no such interesting games as there were before. Especially like it when I see a knockout. Dragging out the game doesn't always make me happy.
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  5. BigDMcGee, Golfnut13, Wade4All Jalen Ramsey and Drake
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  7. BrittTheKid, EliasVeritas, JesterSB, pats/sox, Ryan Reynolds, Synozeer, TrialLawyer, xphaktor0 Ryan Reynolds and Weird Al Yankovic
  8. BuyAccutaneo, elnino, GUMBY, UncleHoot Jeff Goldblum and Christopher Lloyd
  9. I think you definitely need to start writing again. There are so many people who like to write all sorts of cool messages and people who like to read. Lol
  10. ATC-Jenn, carterlm, cyntia21, domino6, dreamcaster, DucksBullets, GoCryWolfe, hwalls, ibjerome190, Ladi77, MrSputter, Osafune2, Sal Paradise, saralogy, shane21, The_Sea_Tornado Judge Judy Sheindlin and Carrie Fisher
  11. It seems to me that this work week has been dragging on for an eternity. Really looking forward to the weekend just to lie on the couch.
  12. Amplifi3d, BlankFace, brianjones, fornicator1, HarmanIsHot, MDXS, Pokeraug20, Randy Reed, Roll the Bones, tell_all_the_truth Snoop Dogg and John Krasinski
  13. It’s fine, I don’t look forward to my birthday post every year and seeing which celebrity’s you choose (since I’m into f1 now I was hoping for Kimi raikonnen) or anything.
  14. Well shit, Napa sorry about that. Happy belated!
  15. ezstreet, Jabem, mrlouis, seastkc, Smartluck Floyd Mayweather Sr. and José Bautista
  16. Adam Junglen, astros11ss, Falker34 Chuck Berry and Lindsey Vonn
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  18. Fury is such a great name for a boxer, kind of like Moneymaker
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