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  2. I must have missed him advocating to eliminate the filibuster entirely and turn north doakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming into 6 states so republicans could remain in power forever.
  3. lol And everything McConnell has done for the last 10 years is just fine?
  4. joe biden calling it racist and xeonphobic was out there. so were new york leaders saying similar things. people on cnn. if you didnt see it you didnt want to. but then again, the response to everything these days is to call it racist. the accusation has no meaning anymore. these are just the ones i found in two minutes from the last few days. i'm sure i could find hundreds more from similarly minded "progressives." they know that if the eliminate the filibuster and add states its all over for constraints on their power. they smell that blood and they are going for it hard. it will have been nice knowing you all if they do, cause they gonna round me up and send me for reducation. but what they dont know is that i love big brother, i always have...
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  7. The day after the travel ban: https://twitter.com/joebiden/status/1223727977361338370?lang=en
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  9. I keep hearing this brought up, and I pay pretty close attention to politics, but I really don't remember that. I certainly wouldn't call him racist for attempting to stop the spread of a pandemic. (He had plenty of policies that were racist...but that wasn't one of them.)
  10. sure sure. communism is terrible, but man its cool how they have control over their people. i didnt say nothing could/should be done. i said no matter what we do some people will die and not accepting that is a product of the media and bad politics. i'm old enough to remember trump banning flights from china and being called a racist. the good old days.
  11. of course not. I even said those things aren't possible in Canada or the US but there are things to be learned from other places and just saying nothing can be done or works for sure isn't the answer. Things like tested every passenger from a plane that lands from outside the country with a rapid test that gives a result in a few hours is something that could be done. Canada already requires everybody with a few exceptions who enters after foreign travel whether citizen or visitor to isolate at home for two weeks.
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  13. haha, are you suggesting america should be more like Hong Kong, a territory that is under the control of a communist dictatorship that is currently losing most of its personal freedoms? not great, bob.
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  15. Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll fit in SO nicely! Only the ones you agree with?
  16. That's the exact opposite of what I actually said.
  17. And what if he countered with hundreds of quotes from people who work in hospitals that say they are short staffed, exhausted, and don’t have the capacity to handle an increase in Covid patients? Who should we believe then?
  18. I believe the data and also all the people in healthcare who I speak to like my sister in law the nurse and my step daughter who just started medical school but has been volunteering in a hospital. I also believe the doctors who I speak to like my gastroenterologist who I have known for 30 years and the plastic surgeon who cut some skin cancer off my face for the fourth time in two months along with the MD who assists him who also works in an ER about all the cancelled surgeries that are happening. This is a pretty good tool to show in the US where there are worst problems. Obviously not everywhere is the same but you seem to think there are no problems anywhere which just isn't the case. Hospitals can surge up their capacity but it isn't something that can be maintained for long. The people who work in hospitals are just being worn out. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/12/09/944379919/new-data-reveal-which-hospitals-are-dangerously-full-is-yours Here's a pretty good article that talks about some of the challenges we don't even think about like hospitals having enough oxygen or their systems able to pump enough of it through their pipes. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-12-29/oxygen-supply-shortages-bedevil-hospitals-already-overwhelmed-by-covid-19-patients
  19. Ok. What if I hit Google for a few minutes and find you 10 quotes from people that work in hospitals that say that they are not close to being overwhelmed. Should I believe you or them?
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  21. Hong Kong has very little Covid. Even if you live in Hong Kong if you travel back you currently have to stay isolated in a hotel for three weeks at your own expense if you traveled from somewhere other than China. If you travel from another part of China you have to home isolate for two weeks and it's monitored with an app on your cell phone. These sort of things aren't possible in Canada and the US both because of freedumb and we aren't just a small area. We maybe could have built some new facilities to be more ready like SA suggests but the big issue is there aren't medical people to staff them. Here in Toronto a brand new hospital that's been being built for over 5 years is going to only take Covid patients when it opens in a couple weeks but there aren't enough staff to do that much.
  22. You're totally reading that wrong Brvy There isn't that much slack in hospitals at any time and if over 28% of the entire hospital system is being taken by Covid patients like it is in California that leaves no room for other things and many surgeries that are vital but scheduled are being delayed. The issue as well isn't the beds, it's the staff. People who work in hospitals are totally overwhelmed and have suffered from Covid more than any other group. Listen to the people who work in hospitals.
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