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  19. Dude. You said you would never leave! You said you would be here with me! I was just hurt. Welcome back. EDIT: You're gone again.
  20. Well, of course he did. That way, nobody can complain that God lives in the blue and doesn't know the pain of being a human. So christians win that argument too. They're kind of lazy though, christians, when it comes to making stuff up. It's always simplified. I suppose that adding the threat of hell and/or the promise of heaven makes up for it. Jesus never had any disease, no bodily imperfections, no love problems, and he never got his thumb pinched by a closing door. --- For some reason, christians enjoy the story about when all the disciples abandoned Jesus when he was c
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  23. Christians love to choose from their arsenal of argument weapons, and often they don't even have to make sense. When asked about bad things happening in the world, two of them are: * God wants us to be free, he doesn't impose on our freedom, that would be a violation of our rights. * God wants to have a relation with us, and that we seek him. Now, transfer this to raising kids. Imagine letting your children do whatever they want. No grounding, no other immediate (which is very important both for children and criminals) consequences. If your 5 year old want to break the piano, ju
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