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  2. Here's the question, SA. Is Trump really as stupid as he seems or does his ego just blind him? He could have easily slayed Biden on almost every issue if he was just a normal person.
  3. never play a drinking game involving Trump SA.
  4. me, three minutes into the debate last night:
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  7. Didn't know sausage was that important
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  10. Going into the office to catch up on a bunch of emails and notes. Been behind on everything for what feels like months. My location is HQ, so pre-pandemic, meetings were always in person, and we obviously didn’t have requirements for sanitizing conference rooms. Now, it’s a huge pain to be a person who does 5+ meetings a day and to sit in a cube with the noise around me distracting everyone else in the virtual room. So I asked my old boss if I could have my old office, got the okay. I let HR know so nobody would be surprised come Monday morning (her team is also in the area). HR copies our shared boss on the response, the #2 in the company, to say it’s not going to work for reasons that obviously do not hold water. I swung by his office, he goes “dude I don’t give a damn, go take some other office. You need an office.” He responds in the chain that I should take another open office, suggesting an empty one that’s better than the HR director’s. She responds “no it’s fine, he can stay there, he has already moved.” [contradicting all earlier arguments for why I couldn’t stay where I moved] It’s a big empty office building that was 50% more space than we needed, before the pandemic reduced attendance by 75%. How is there a fight.
  11. Avaron, Bubba83, GoldFire, Mzungu, r0llin_game, soup Avril Lavigne and Gwyneth Paltrow
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  13. F1 race this weekend. Other than that just doing some work and house projects.
  14. adamkpm, booyaga, powerpoker, Zilla Will Smith and Scottie Pippen
  15. In our current Covid era you don't see many -people who say "God bless you" to someone who sneezes in their crowded elevator. -weekends on the strip with no fistfights. -calm apartment landlords
  16. I don't see a scenario that I get into racing, but I like it when people discover new things that they like, so I'm happy for you guys. Any weekend plans?
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  18. This is my 49,999th post...Some got deleted..Next one will be fun
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  21. Here is my hand 22 of 100 hand reading challenge. Would you find a fold on the river in this spot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4I-DdTO7s0
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