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  2. Bona, darth__maul, Doozer, iveyfan30, rkard Kevin Durant and Jerry Lee Lewis
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  4. Doug, KappaKid83, malachi, Nudeboxerguy, phishjones, Var1ance Hilary Duff and Naomi Watts
  5. Avaron, Bubba83, GoldFire, Mzungu, r0llin_game, soup Gwyneth Paltrow and Meat Loaf
  6. midas001, zingbust Serena Williams and Christina Milian
  7. adamkpm, booyaga, powerpoker, Zilla Will Smith and Scottie Pippen
  8. airmcnair8888, snoopdogslover, TGray22, weezer Stephanie McMahon and Jim Henson
  9. Jaimca, KowboyKoop, Merby, Pilla, SFAWFD, StunnaShadesAC Bruce Springsteen and Anthony Mackie
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  11. BLIZGE, Dansaboss, DidierAubin87, econ1, Franky Bones, JoeWalsh, MNBassin, mohsen3375 Joan Jett and Ronaldo
  12. $$$Apostol$$$, 88Daantjuh, DDF5050, In the Bank, Willy800 Stephen King and Bill Murray
  13. I have an Excel question for you Napa. Let me know if you have time to look at something, and I'll send it your way. Basically I was wondering about how to use the OFFSET formula and when it would be best to use it.
  14. Huge Dolphins win on Sunday. Congrats, Mex!
  15. CharlesPluta, gallet44, Minibert87, pierninee, rrumsey, SleepyPkrLdy Khabib Nurmagomedov and Sophia Loren
  16. Deemer6, KidPokurr, Mercury69, tcg1009, WestcoastCanuck Jimmy Fallon and Adam West
  17. ajaxAgain, CobaltBlue, cold, Coolhand Danny, EAPaaron, ff7bigfan, JnkPoker, Kuge, Lord_Strife, Mos Def Jada Pinkett Smith and Lance Armstrong
  18. Banner17, Da AV Guy, henke, Jean-Robert, jward, kennyg1966, litlebullet, mattb5, OnaStreak69, Sugrme Patrick Mahomes II and Flo Rida
  19. 46diamonds, Adumb, Ank, Bessel, DaBooKa, NevadaNorth, ohan76, rvdkruk, RvrKing, seawolfmk5, WhoDatChild Marc Anthony and Amy Poehler
  20. chipmonkk, howellos, Lithium_nz, MyKel, Red_foot_soldier, temetNosce Marco Polo and Tommy Lee Jones
  21. demonhunter, FHochstatter, fumla, jaiello, Knollie919, lazarus512, Taz572, W1zardahAus Amy Winehouse and Andrew Lincoln
  22. Chuck Wagon, Dane, idareyouAA, KingAustin, pleazzzzzzzz Fiona Apple and Dave Mustaine
  23. This is their signature style - first they are at the bottom of the table, then at the top
  24. I have no doubt they will find better things to do.
  25. They are lazy Decided to cut the time on the official name of the city
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