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  7. I was in Vegas for a few days before Thanksgiving and the wife and I decided to hit the VGK home game against the Senators. I was able score some really good seats without breaking the bank. Turns out I was in the section next to where Daniel sits and I got a chance to meet our benefactor here lo these many decades. He was sitting in the concession area between periods, and true to form he was super nice and welcoming even though I was kinda fanboying. I think that is the perfect capstone to my adventures here at FCP. Thanks all, it's been fun. Suited, hope I get a chance to stack you at
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  24. Most of the great players go broke at least once. Let us know when it happens to you.
  25. Hello everyone, my name is Vincent. I got into playing cards and dice early on in my life. I wanted to beat better players or the house, but I eventually became a winner, which made me really interested. After that first victory, I was hooked and haven't stopped playing ever since.
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