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  1. Beaufort Gyre circulation shutdown Cold bomb ice age comin up! and my favorite the crust is unlocking now Mega tsunami!!!
  2. Philosophers stone? cure for cancer? bibles hidden secrets? How to beat the solver? well I already gave that one away for free. Didn't even get a tshirt..
  3. The pyramids were built to strengthen the earths magnetic field. Thats why they are put on the equator. The weakest part of the Magnetic field. The Giza Pyramid was built by...im not telling you!! you didn't even ask!!
  4. Here you may ask me any question your heart or brain desires about anything I do need food and clothing donations if you feel what I give in knowledge is priceless I will not coat the truth or lie , will not conform to others or try to not offend Your mental control and perception are your own to manage
  5. Understanding EV is a secret and is quite muddy Range advantge is equity based NOT Expected Value https://youtu.be/nsiN0W15w0U
  6. The Button Limp Limping the button does multiple things 1. reduces our risk 2.gets position3. limits the profitability (therefor in turn frequency)of Villian GTO solver squeezes making us fold 80% of the time using our opening range of 50% 4.Keeps out of position opponents with weaker holdings in the pot 5.betting small on the flop is even better now betting 1/3rd the pot is 1BB boy oh boy you'd have to be watching a magician or a comedian to be told some shit like that and believe itUntil you see it yourself 6.The small sizing allows us to bet with 100% of our rang
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