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  1. Greenland - big gerard butler fan, as you know. really good movie. really well done, i would give it 4/5 stars. really love movies this like. The Tomorrow War - it was fine. could have been better. I kind of feel like Chris Pratt mailed it in, but maybe he was going for understated. i won't go into the plot holes, but there were a few big ones.
  2. i hate that ledouche is on the lakers. i can't stand him anymore. i'm a giannis fan, a real champion.
  3. i've been working from home for 16 months now. apparently i have to go back in September, but i gotta tell you, i dont want to.
  4. Essay's Top Ten Matt Damon Movies 1. Good Will Hunting 2. The Departed 3. The Adjustment Bureau 4. Contagion 5. The Martian 6. Dogma 7. Rounders 8. Oceans 11 9. The Legend of Baggar Vance 10. Saving Private Ryan
  5. that is ten demerits, brvy. just because you and i are the only people left in the world doesnt mean the rules no longer apply. plus, the Dark Knight is so overrated.
  6. Essay's Top Ten Morgan Freeman Movies 1. The Shawshank Redemption 2. Seven 3. Unforgiven 4. Glory 5. Gone Baby Gone 6. Million Dollar Baby 7. Driving Miss Daisy 8. Outbreak 9. Along Came a Spider 10. Deep Impact
  7. Why are you deleting your post? No one is even gonna see it!
  8. I watched most of it. Danny played well. Just needs to win the 100K and lock up the cup.
  9. that is a real goddamn shame. i say we find out where he lives and write him a strongly worded letter.
  10. i still have my three series. and i have been pretty lucky so far. In five years there have been no major costs. and with that my tranny will blow tomorrow for sure. AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY AM I RIGHT DUTCH.
  11. 5 series? get ready for some maintenance costs.
  12. Nap, did you ever get that money or what?
  13. After careful and thoughtful consideration, i am revising my list on top ten pro wrestlers. I have watched literally dozens of hours of clips this past year, and need to make some further revisions. ESSAY'S TOP TEN PRO WRESTLERS 1. Ric Flair 2. Stone Cold Steve Austin 3. Hulk Hogan 4. John Cena 5. The Rock 6. Macho Man Randy Savage 7. HHH 8. Randy Orton 9. The Undertaker 10. Brett Hart
  14. missed you, buddy. how is life in your neck of the woods?
  15. sucks to get old bro. sucks that this place has finally died. i never thought i'd see the day, not really.
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