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  1. Essay's Next Top Ten Films 21. Reservoir Dogs 22. Platoon 23. Raging Bull 24. Interstellar 25. The Departed 27. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood 28. The Fugitive 29. Master and Commander 30. Dunkirk
  2. Scorsese is the best of all time, that's for sure.The Departed and Raging Bull make the next 10, too. He's that good.
  3. Essay's Next Top Ten Films 11. Inception 12. Casino 13. Memento 14. There Will Be Blood 15. Django Unchained 16. Gangs of New York 17. Heat 18. Seven 19. Collateral 20. The Big Lebowski
  4. Goodfellas, obviously. dont post again until you've seen it
  5. I just condemned you to hell for all eternity for this. You cant even discuss movies while you’re there.
  6. Essay's Top Ten Films 1. The Godfather 1 & 2 2. The Shawshank Redemption 3. Pulp Fiction 4. Boogie Nights 5. No Country for Old Men 6. Goodfellas 7. Saving Private Ryan 8. Good Will Hunting 9. Fight Club 10. The Wolf of Wall Street
  7. Greenland was awesome. i was really surprised how good it was.
  8. i didnt find it hard at all actually. over time, Good Will Hunting has progressed to the very top of my all time movies list. if i redid that last it would make the list, how high is hard to say. The Departed is probably like 27 overall.
  9. obviously it is ranked low because it is not a matt damon movie, but he is in the movie. come on son. that's ten demerits.
  10. Greenland - big gerard butler fan, as you know. really good movie. really well done, i would give it 4/5 stars. really love movies this like. The Tomorrow War - it was fine. could have been better. I kind of feel like Chris Pratt mailed it in, but maybe he was going for understated. i won't go into the plot holes, but there were a few big ones.
  11. i hate that ledouche is on the lakers. i can't stand him anymore. i'm a giannis fan, a real champion.
  12. i've been working from home for 16 months now. apparently i have to go back in September, but i gotta tell you, i dont want to.
  13. Essay's Top Ten Matt Damon Movies 1. Good Will Hunting 2. The Departed 3. The Adjustment Bureau 4. Contagion 5. The Martian 6. Dogma 7. Rounders 8. Oceans 11 9. The Legend of Baggar Vance 10. Saving Private Ryan
  14. that is ten demerits, brvy. just because you and i are the only people left in the world doesnt mean the rules no longer apply. plus, the Dark Knight is so overrated.
  15. Essay's Top Ten Morgan Freeman Movies 1. The Shawshank Redemption 2. Seven 3. Unforgiven 4. Glory 5. Gone Baby Gone 6. Million Dollar Baby 7. Driving Miss Daisy 8. Outbreak 9. Along Came a Spider 10. Deep Impact
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