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  1. look at brvy, caving like a sheep. not me, boys. i know what to do here. seriously though i'll be getting my vaccine soon. though i do hate needles and im a little scared.
  2. Three 32 inchers? Brvy you size queen. i fvckin love it. i need to do that. i'd have to get a bigger desk though. also dont stop eating. you need your strenght in battle.
  3. dynamite drop in, monty. brvy will be fine. jesus has his back. anyone here use a monitor mount for their work from home station? I'm going to build a new one i think, for after i "go back to the office" so i can work from home whenever i want. and i like the idea of a dual monitor mount system, maybe even three.
  4. my money is on the black messiah.
  5. of course i've seen Ozark, i'm not some loser who hasn't seen Ozark. i was probably the first person to see it, i'm very important and special. as for the oscars, were there even any movies released last year. i never heard of any of that shit. probably pure garbage.
  6. i've been watching Yellowstone. what a great show. Costner is the man in this one.
  7. you got any musings from a man who is tired of the rona virus? something timely and topical might land better next time.
  8. sorry for your loss, nap. none of us said any one death is not a big deal to the family, but when you're talking policy for 400 million people the individual feelings of the deceased's family members can't take precedence over the data. my aunt has been in the hospital for over a month with covid. she might not get out. that doesn't change my feelings on our national response. my mother will be devastated to lose her older sister, my grandmother to lose her first born child two years after losing her husband of 60 plus years. but the saddest fact of life is we're all going to die someday. i can only hope you did everything with your father you could while he was still here and that those loved ones who remain won't go a day without knowing how you feel about that. life is short and precious, so enjoy it while you can. do what makes you happy while you can. and maybe pray that brvy is right and you'll see him again soon. I hope that is the case.
  9. i'm not buying the ponzi scheme, but the suckers are eating it up. i'll stick with my gold coins i bought off an infomercial on PBS. money is safe and secure boys.
  10. just got to the episode where Amber dies. i had forgotten the whole thing. fvckin great tv.
  11. hey time can put a hurting on people.
  12. number 13 still excites me sexually, even after all these years.
  13. SuitedAces21

    It's Cold

    currently negative 2. they say it feels like negative 20, but i wouldnt know, i havent been outside in days.
  14. brvy, just because we're all dead now doesn't mean the rules no longer apply. 1.9 trillion demerits for you. ESSAY'S TOP FIVE MEDICAL/DOCTOR TV SHOWS 1. HOUSE MD 2. Scrubs 3. MASH 4. NIP/TUCK 5. E.R. those are the only ones i've seen. i dont really remember ER but i remember thinking it was good when it was on, back in the day.
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