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  1. Well I didn't expect that. Purdy with the 4TD, 0 INT, 149 passer rating, 315 yard snoozefest. I love him. You nailed it about the officiating Fritz. It's been horrible. I hate how they are shoving new officials in just to make a quota of some sort. This is not me hating on women. This is me understanding that there is zero chance that the 6 women officials they have now were able to already get the real-world experience that they need to be quality officials. In last night's Chiefs/Packers game with 19 seconds left the official was literally standing right next to the
  2. I'm crazy excited for this 49ers / Eagles game on Sunday, but I'll be on suicide watch if the Eagles win solidly. I want the Eagles to lose, not only to make Purdy look better, but also for the Cowboys getting that glorious #1 seed that means so much with this new wild card format.
  3. I got your Art Briles shout out. Thanks for introducing me to Dan, McGee.
  4. It was a horrible weekend for my peripheral fandom. That being said, the Cowboys looked great against a good Rams team. I'm excited.
  5. I wish you wouldn't have said this. You jinxed us. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I'm kind-of cheering for the 49ers if the Cowboys can't win it. I hate that Brock has made me a closet 49ers fan.
  6. First weekend of the NFL. Jets play tomorrow night after finishing Hard Knocks this summer. Looking forward to it. Dallas shut out the Giants 40-0 tonight, and it wasn't that close. Brock Purdy is taking the NFL by storm after destroying the Steelers today.
  7. College sports realignment is the big news this week. The Big 12 finalized a deal to add Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, and Colorado. The Big 12 will be an amazing basketball conference, that's for sure.
  8. Thanks for the kind words, Suited (and Fritz). I've been praying for the people in this forum for a long long long time. I'm glad you are turning your heart to Jesus! He's the best. That's scary about your mom. I'm so glad that she is on the mend. Give her my best. Seriously. My wife and I will add her to our prayer list.
  9. She is WAY more than mildly annoying. The difference in the quality of the people in the Cousins vs Mahomes household is stark. The Mahomes family are all about themselves, and the Cousins are all about other people. Kirk is who I want to be when I grow up, and his wife Julie couldn't be more awesome.
  10. Random journal entry: The new Netflix Doc "Quarterback" is great. It's a shame that Marcus Mariota had such a bad season, but they stuck absolute gold with Kirk Cousins and Patrick Mahomes. If they would have had Joe Burrow or Josh Allen it would have been perfect TV because we would have gotten amazing behind the scenes footage of the Demar Hamlin situation that happened during the Bills/Bengals game. Hard Knocks starts on August 8th and the Jets were forced by the NFL to be the team. That's awesome news for me; considering that there are 3 Cyclones on the Jets and
  11. Thanks Suited! Sadly no. Everything has checked out great. So it's good I don't have a tumor or something, but it's sad to not have a reason. I have a doctor friend that isn't concerned and says it happens way more than people realize. Apparently most people are just "getting lucky" that they aren't driving or whatever. The neurologist is pretty certain it's seizures on one half of my brain and has me on a low-dose seizure med. In Wisconsin I can't drive for 90 days, so my wife and kids have been my Uber driver- and will be- until mid-August. It sucks. My neurolo
  12. Thank you, Fritz. So far everything is checking out. Heart looks good, over many weeks my average BP is 122/78. I have a brain MRI and EEG next Friday. Hopefully they figure it out!
  13. We were headed to Iowa last weekend for Sam and Kate's high school graduations. I fainted while driving on the interstate on Friday. As it turns out, I had talked with every member of my family extensively on what to do in that situation and it was my wife's time to shine when it happened. I had the cruise set on like 80 and apparently I started driving into the median. My wife was yelling at me, but then remembered what to do. We were "lucky" (shout-out to my friend, God) that that section of the interstate had no bridges or signs or fence or anything. We actually made it all the w
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