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  1. I have an Excel question for you Napa. Let me know if you have time to look at something, and I'll send it your way. Basically I was wondering about how to use the OFFSET formula and when it would be best to use it.
  2. Huge Dolphins win on Sunday. Congrats, Mex!
  3. I just finished it. They need to hang Better Call Saul on an art museum wall.
  4. Summer is almost over. Wyoming was awesome. I will definitely be back next summer. Both my girls are off to college on Wednesday. One Freshman. One Senior.
  5. Yellowstone is 93% open now, so we are still going. We leave next Friday. All the big stuff is done now. Kid is married and it's almost August. Crazy how time flies.
  6. Just by way of update, we have just completed another month of Suited's lies. Happy summer everyone! What are everyone's plans? My summer is insane. Next week, Illinois to meet an artist (oil painter) at my Aunt's house so he can paint 4 paintings of the farm for a Christmas present for my sister from her husband. (June 15th) Go to West Virginia and help my middle son find an apartment and a job. (June 26th) Go to New Orleans for a conference. (June 29th) Go to Utah. (July 5th) come home. (July 10) Drive back to West Virginia and move my son and his soon-to-be
  7. I wonder in the history of the world if God has ever used a random internet post from a total stranger, posted on a site that is antithetical to the post itself -so much so, that it almost rises to the level of "troll post"- to bring someone to salvation. It would be interesting to find out. My guess is that posts like this do more harm than good, but as we all know, God can use anything. Heck, I personally know someone that claims that K-Love was instrumental in bringing them to a saving faith. That seems literally impossible, considering that crap theology that K-Love pushes.
  8. Dude. You said you would never leave! You said you would be here with me! I was just hurt. Welcome back. EDIT: You're gone again.
  9. I've been at my job for a good long while, but I'm thinking about looking for something new.
  10. Congrats to SuitedAces21, who I refer to as “the Liar” around my house, on the Natty. I picked KU to beat ISU in the Midwest and to win the title, which won me my office pool. Now back to cheering for a tornado to wipe out Lawrence.
  11. I suppose Jan 1st is probably the day with the most "birthdays", but that's a pretty big list!
  12. Hey there, hblask! Good to see you around again.
  13. What are these "friends" you speak of. You have way more friends than I do. I should have joined a frat. Speaking of friends, I just found out my best friend in Wisconsin has been cheating on his wife for five years. I'm also great friends with his wife. I have been quite depressed since I found out a week ago. Cheating is the worst. Just divorce her you piece of crap. Then you can have all the flings you want.
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