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  1. I'm back at work now. Summer is officially over. How did you guys spend your last 6 weeks off work?
  2. This is a decent list. Maybe one of your best. However, it needs a few changes: The real Top Ten Morgan Freeman Movies 1. The Shawshank Redemption 2. Seven 3. Unforgiven 4. Glory 5. Driving Miss Daisy 6. Amistad 7. Kiss the Girls 8. The Dark Knight 9. Outbreak 10. Gone Baby Gone
  3. That's fair. ps. Macho Man is still too low.
  4. I blame YOU, Suited. Be around more. We had a family reunion in Iowa this weekend. There were about 85 of us. It was mostly fun. I'm always sad to hear about the various broken relationships. We have been lucky overall though. Out of my two grandparents on that side (who are now both dead) they had 5 kids that had 7, 2, 2, 4, and 2 kids respectively and countless great grandkids and great great grandkids. Zero divorces in the whole tree. But still, kids not talking to parents, and others not even coming to the reunion because they don't like others. People in counse
  5. I had absolutely zero side effects from the shot, but that's probably because I had COVID. I am dealing with Sciatica, which is like plantar fasciitis, but your entire leg. It SUCKS.
  6. Update: Washington DC was fun. We also spent some time on the Outer Banks with the kids. They are getting to the age that this feels like the last big trip we might have been on with just the kids and no spouses. What are you guys up to this summer? ps. I got my J&J vaccine.
  7. My year is basically done tomorrow afternoon. I'm in Washington DC with the family next week and then I'll be in the office a few days. On the week of the 14th I'm going to two Brewers games. I have first row tickets to the Brewers/Reds on the 16th of June, which should be fun. Then I'm in Utah the end of June and beginning of July. We have a family reunion July 4th and then I'm free for several weeks. I'm looking forward to it.
  8. I got a pretty big COVID bonus this year, which was nice. My raise was lower than I wanted, and I think I've decided to ask for more. (I don't normally do that)
  9. Actually, that IS exciting and interesting. I could read that stuff all day long and never get bored. Your job actually seems pretty great. You get to legally piss people off all day long. Why didn't you just give him the 5k. Why just shave 2k off? Just being a dick? What if he asked for 10k? Do you still end up at 3?
  10. ...not if you don't keep posting! Tell us about some interesting legal stuff that has happened at work. Just change names and details.
  11. I don't think Sly has even made 5 movies that I would put on a list.
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