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  1. We also recently went with a local bank. Our banker might have had a disability. Just super dumb stuff over and over and over. I'm thankful to be done.
  2. What did you do this weekend? Why did you have to get ahead?
  3. Everything Scalia says is super interesting to me. I'm sad he's gone. This weekend a couple from our church moved to some other country and needed their van taken to their parents house to be sold, so my son and I drove to Cleveland to deliver it. It was fun getting to hang out with him for a day. We went to Lucky's Cafe, which was featured in Season 8 of TripleD. It was good. We also went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and enjoyed the excitement of the Browns/Colts game from nearby. (The R&R HOF is right next door to the Browns stadium) Overall, it was a good weekend. I'm sad my son now lives in Iowa. I don't see him very often.
  4. What Trump policies would have the Dems blocked if they were smarter? I honestly can't believe that the number of judges wasn't set by the constitution. That was a massive oversight by the founders. There should be an amendment capping it.
  5. Here's the question, SA. Is Trump really as stupid as he seems or does his ego just blind him? He could have easily slayed Biden on almost every issue if he was just a normal person.
  6. I don't see a scenario that I get into racing, but I like it when people discover new things that they like, so I'm happy for you guys. Any weekend plans?
  7. This was a great sports weekend. Can't believe the Nuggets got daggered yesterday. I really want this series to go the distance, but it's not looking good right now. Also I'm a Cowboys fan, so that was also awesome.
  8. BigD, feel free to answer this next August, but have you seen the new Charlie Kaufman movie "I'm thinking of ending things"?
  9. I'm pretty pumped for the Lakers Nuggets game tonight. Anyone else still watching sports?
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