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  1. That's awesome Colby! Happy late birthday, BTW!
  2. I am not happy about the Cyclones. This is worst case scenario.
  3. I was just talking to a buddy about this last night. I think I'm going to put some money on the Hawks.
  4. Horrible. I feel like crying and it's not even Saturday yet. Come on, Matt Campbell. Do your thing.
  5. Seriously. I've been nervous all summer about this season. Hawk fans will be insufferable if we don't win 9 games minimum. Do you have tickets to the Hawk game?
  6. Last post of August. I miss you guys! I'm looking forward to football season, unless we pull a Nebraska in our first game.
  7. We need a top 10 HBO shows of all time. (Even though you will be wrong about where you put The Sopranos)
  8. Where has Christian been?
  9. You love Scorsese WAY more than me. I think The Departed is easily his best movie. I didn't love Gangs of New York or Wolf of Wall Street. I did think Casino was good; although not nearly as good as The Departed. Frankly, I'm shocked that you didn't like The Departed more than all three.
  10. I'll take that into account after we watch it!
  11. I noticed this last night after the wife and I finished season 2 of Portrait Artist of the Year and told her that I heard from Napa that I need to watch that. She agreed it sounded good. We will watch it soon.
  12. Any Ted Lasso fans out there? I'm enjoying it.
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