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  1. At that rate, NYC should be underwater in no time. I know the global warming crowd has gotten smarter since An Inconvenient Truth and doesn't do predictions that fail so quickly anymore. But even pushed out to 2100, the math from your NASA link just doesn't add up to this: https://education.nationalgeographic.org/resource/sea-level-rise/
  2. So far, so good. It's been 15 years since this post, and sea levels haven't risen at all. Good job, everyone!
  3. Was FCP down over the weekend? I couldn't connect to the domain. I thought DN had finally pulled the plug.
  4. My heart is broken. Just like it has been since the Cyclones were last in the final four in 1944.
  5. WHY CAN'T I SAY IOWA STATE!? That's crazy talk, mrfritz. I only and forever have the CYCLONES!!! (But, I mean, if I have to pick someone else, then it's always going to be another Big 12 school. So Houston.)
  6. That sucked. Hopefully the 49ers spend a few picks on an o-line this off-season. I'm glad Purdy looked like he belonged.
  7. You guys are the best. The beginning of this page has posts from 2021, and then one person posts and like 4 of you show up out of nowhere. That's the best. Long live the FCP Army sitting at the big table in the back!
  8. I couldn't name you a single Taylor song, but I love how supportive she is of Travis. She seems like a great person. Also, I'm pretty pumped that Purdy went 13 of 16 in the 2nd half and had more rushing yards for the game than Jahmyr Gibbs. I still don't care who wins, as I don't hate the Chiefs. I just don't want Purdy to look bad.
  9. Any given Sunday, Fritz. Any given Sunday.
  10. That was a bad beat on your prop bets, Fritz. I'm shocked that neither of them hit.
  11. Sadly, you are correct, and that makes it even worse to be Brock right now, because he will immediately be looped in with Romo and that stink will follow him forever. Romo is a Hall of Fame QB that will never get respect (or the HOF) because people perceive that he wasn't "clutch", despite the stats.
  12. brvheart

    It's Cold

    http://hp2.wright-weather.com/icons/us_chill.gif Of course Iowa is giving Canada a run for it's money.
  13. I'm now officially all-in on the 49ers. I will be pretty sad if Brock plays badly. I don't even care if they lose, as long as he doesn't have another "Ravens" game.
  14. Well the Dolphins got beat at home. If they had won they would have gotten a home playoff game again against the Bills, instead they have to go on the road and beat the Chiefs. That's not good. It would be the greatest upset of all-time if the Dolphins made the Superbowl now. The in-season Hardknocks with the Dolphins has been great this year. Carl Wimmer went to the game with Heston. 49ers got the #1 seed and Dallas the #2. This post-season I'm rooting for Purdy to play well above everything else including the Cowboys in the Superbowl. Best case, is that Dallas goes to the
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