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  1. Hamlin lived! Dolphins made the playoffs and Brock Purdy (CYCLONE POWER!) has the 49ers as a #2 seed in the NFC. Should be a fun post-season.
  2. On Monday night it looked like a player (24 year old Damar Hamlin) dropped dead on the field. Here was the play: https://imgur.com/DtG5grZ I have no idea if this link will break in 5 years, but here is the entire game: https://nfl-video.com/buffalo-bills-vs-cincinnati-bengals-full-game-replay-2022-nfl-week-17 As of two days later, Hamlin is still in the hospital with zero updates and nobody knows if he is going to live. Crazy night for football, especially considering how important that Bills - Bengals game was for the NFL season. They were playing for the #1 seed in
  3. So Elon is crashing Telsa stock, which has been interesting to watch. Somehow even Dave Chappelle couldn't save him when he brought him on stage. Ironically, Twitter seems to be having more and better interactions since Elon bought it. Even if it's just people crapping on him. The Cowboys look good, and Brock Purdy somehow looks competent since he's left ISU and been in the NFL. When I look back on this post in 10 years it will be funny to see if he's still a starter or if he's been completely forgotten. They just named the NBA MVP award after Michael Jordan. That was a good move, but i
  4. Agreed with all of this. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.
  5. How the hell was RodReynolds around to upvote that? I am now convinced that Rod IS VK.
  6. Oh, I almost forgot. At this time Qatar is hosting the World Cup and every country is just totally fine with them killing women and minorities, having slaves, and raping women constantly, and they are still happy to send their teams and fans to Qatar to celebrate. But Kyrie sharing a link to a movie hosted on Amazon is too much. Classic people.
  7. Everyone is mad at Kyrie Irving because he is a member of the cult Black Hebrew Israelites. The NBA suspended him and everyone is ripping him apart all over the internet for sharing a video that espouses his views. NOBODY is complaining that Amazon is hosting and distributing this movie. NOBODY is calling for an Amazon boycott. Jason Whitlock: “Help me understand this… He re-tweeted something. There is no sentence, he didn’t make any statement, he re-tweeted something. This has sparked THIS much outrage... Why?? I tried to watch the documentary. It’s a bad documentary. It’s
  8. Since Suited is an oathbreaker, and everyone else is gone, I'll do my best to post random updates for news and the like. This will be my own personal diary of news/events. Think of me like the Fritz of the sick thread. (but not daily and not so responsible and dedicated) On this day in 2022: Elon bought Twitter and fired all the execs. He also promised to unban Donald Trump and Kayne West by Monday. Facebook is dying a very quick death. Marky Z has lost 100 Billion of net worth in the last 2 months. FB was down 24% in one day this week. All of the polling in th
  9. Underexposed: High quality, well-written movie scripts with a poker theme.
  10. I was able to figure it out, but man it was annoying. There was little online to help figure out my specific issue. I found a random forum post from like 2007 that helped me figure it out. Hope you're doing well.
  11. I have an Excel question for you Napa. Let me know if you have time to look at something, and I'll send it your way. Basically I was wondering about how to use the OFFSET formula and when it would be best to use it.
  12. Huge Dolphins win on Sunday. Congrats, Mex!
  13. I just finished it. They need to hang Better Call Saul on an art museum wall.
  14. Summer is almost over. Wyoming was awesome. I will definitely be back next summer. Both my girls are off to college on Wednesday. One Freshman. One Senior.
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