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  1. Dude. You said you would never leave! You said you would be here with me! I was just hurt. Welcome back. EDIT: You're gone again.
  2. I've been at my job for a good long while, but I'm thinking about looking for something new.
  3. Congrats to SuitedAces21, who I refer to as “the Liar” around my house, on the Natty. I picked KU to beat ISU in the Midwest and to win the title, which won me my office pool. Now back to cheering for a tornado to wipe out Lawrence.
  4. I suppose Jan 1st is probably the day with the most "birthdays", but that's a pretty big list!
  5. Hey there, hblask! Good to see you around again.
  6. What are these "friends" you speak of. You have way more friends than I do. I should have joined a frat. Speaking of friends, I just found out my best friend in Wisconsin has been cheating on his wife for five years. I'm also great friends with his wife. I have been quite depressed since I found out a week ago. Cheating is the worst. Just divorce her you piece of crap. Then you can have all the flings you want.
  7. We might as well get a March post in here. Miss you guys.
  8. My taste has returned! I wasn't concerned, I just didn't think I could get it again so soon, and I was annoyed. I was negative and my doctor said basically what Bob said, that symptoms could be delayed.
  9. Ok, so a weird thing is happening to me right now. #1 my body is breaking down from old age. My back is messed up, and I have sciatica something fierce. It's not fun. However, the interesting thing is that last night I lost my taste. I feel fine otherwise, but I can't taste anything. It's exactly what happened to me when I got COVID the first time. Here's the thing, I just had COVID like 3 weeks ago. I can't get it again so soon, can I? Please tell me I can't get it again so soon! (I'm getting tested this afternoon)
  10. Oh. I read that as him being your boss, not a podcast that Hank recommended. How's the job? I just finished my second round of COVID. It was much better the 2nd time.
  11. I like right-wingy people! Tell him hi for me!
  12. It's actually illegal to sell Ham Loaf in Wisconsin. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. We stock up on ham loaf every time I'm in Iowa for this awesome ham ball recipe from my mom. I had an anti-vax co-worker die from COVID this week. She was a happy mom and grandma the day before Christmas to dead now. Seems like a silly preventable death and I'm sad about it. Why would anyone in a high risk group avoid a vaccination?
  13. Soooo awesome! Congrats, NapaDon. Super proud of you, but well deserved. I know first hand how smart you are. Well done. Merry Christmas at all.
  14. Well, my semester is officially over. I'm back to work January 10th. What are ya'll's Christmas plans? I'm going to DSM (IA), Galena (Touristy town in IL), and hanging at home (WI).
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