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  1. Whalers gone with a -1. Not sure who gets immunity now.
  2. Unofficial. Underdogs eliminated, Shortstackers get immunity puck.
  3. Underdogs Winning Combo Shortstackers Greaseballs Whalers Swackers
  4. Looks like Shoot Loose gone and Greaseballs get the immunity puck?
  5. Yikes. This will be some finish for the last spot in the top division. I could potentially be first in the regular season when the CL RS ends and actually be relegated from CL. Game 20 Dec 29th: Whalers vs Underdogs Shortstackers vs PK Dealers Game 21 Dec 31st: Canadian Gothic vs Shortstackers Shootloose vs Underdogs Whalers vs Swackers If I lose out, and Whalers and Underdogs both win their non-head to head game, then the Stackers get relegated. At the very least, I'll need 2 points just to avoid relegation. Need to win both to ensure I make the playoffs. Man my team is bad at Champions. Lol.
  6. I think +/- is the first tie breaker?
  7. Ooh boy. Must win for me. Would clinch the playoff spot.
  8. The Stackers are shockingly bad at champions league.
  9. (I’m in a 90 year old multi family walk up that pre-dates the subway. It was probably streetcar related development.)
  10. This city is mostly bad at adding density around subways. The Danforth subway is like 40 years old and mostly single family still.
  11. Will be shocked to see this actually happen. It’s a weird symptom of a city forcing a subway to a low density mall combined with zoning that doesn’t allow density in but a few places.
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