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  1. Sorry to hear of your loss Naps.
  2. It's probably gonna be soon.
  3. At first I thought you were taking braveheart to task and got really confused as I continued to read. I think strat is a bit like I was in that he is looking for his "perfect mate" which he takes to mean as "the person who will check all the pro boxes and none of the con boxes" but which I have come to learn actually means "the person with con boxes but not bad enough you continually fantasize about swerving your car into a guardrail every time you're on a highway."
  4. Saw a picture on reddit today that made me think of you nerds...
  5. Finally pulled the trigger and ordered a Herman Miller Aeron but who knows when it will ship.
  6. Broke quarantine yesterday to do T-day shopping. I've been less than impressed with grocery delivery services. I swear they leave stuff off just because it's heavier than a box of cereal or something. Now desperately trying to rush thaw a whole bird since they were out of just turkey breast options. I'll likely be hitting the scotch for breakfast so by the time we're supposed to eat I should be well lubricated. Happy no good deed goes unpunished day everybody.
  7. bang buddy. People are so desperate to feel...not unhappy(?) that the radios stations here have already been playing Christmas music for the last week or so. We're not even through November and I've already lost Whamageddon.
  8. I'm just down the road in Manhattan a tad over an hour away. If you do visit let me know and I'll come that way then we can road trip to KC casinos so we can meet SA at the casino. Then when you both bail last minute I can still go gambooooool.
  9. Well the boy tested positive for the coco today. Means we're all on the Q through 12/4. Good thing the cable got hooked up this week...
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