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  1. ...not if you don't keep posting! Tell us about some interesting legal stuff that has happened at work. Just change names and details.
  2. I don't think Sly has even made 5 movies that I would put on a list.
  3. Old school WWF was the best thing ever.
  4. I'm glad you didn't have any side effects, Fritz! I'm probably not going to get my vaccine anymore. They are saying that they are only effective for 6 months? Is that accurate? Does anyone know how long antibodies in your blood are supposed to last after you have COVID? I'll probably just wait until the FDA approves a vaccine and then get it. (Unless all the vaccines end up being yearly ones like a flu shot. Then I'll just skip it until I'm 60)
  5. I didn't die. I'm came back to work today. I did go into the hospital after I started coughing up blood and got the latest drug cocktail. It seemed to work great. I have my taste back and I'm not really coughing anymore. I had it pretty bad for about 10 days. Everyone else doing ok?
  6. Have you tried their new quesadilla? I think it's funny that they finally got one after Qdoba has had one for 10 years.
  7. I've used 3 32" monitors for years and wouldn't even consider using less at this point. Definitely go 3. I'm still feeling the same. The wife is out of it. The kids all have it, but all seem totally unaffected. I'm still tired, light-headed, and coughing. I hate not being able to taste, but I have basically quit eating which is nice. I think I only ate like 500 calories yesterday, and it can't be much more than that today. I've basically only eaten celery. I am drinking a lot, because that seems important.
  8. So far, so good. I'm still having chest issues, but its not getting worse. I can breath easily. I can't taste anything, which sucks. I'm coughing quite a bit, but nothing worrisome. My wife is doing fine. All the kids still seem fine.
  9. I'm positive. All the kids are negative. Oxygen levels are good. Temp is 97.7. Only symptoms are the sporadic cough and some chest pressure. I'll go into the doc and ask about those treatments.
  10. I'm getting tested this AM, but I almost certainly caught the rona from my wife. I woke up this morning and my lungs hurt and I'm coughing. Are you serious? I was going to get vaccinated TODAY. Sonofa...
  11. Funny news on the vaccine front. I am scheduled to get the J&J shot tomorrow at 6:30pm. An hour ago, my wife tested positive. I don't know what that means for me, but I think it almost certainly means that I can now not get the shot.
  12. I'm getting the Johnson and Johnson vacc on Tuesday at 6:30.
  13. Best picture nominees: "The Father" - Not streaming anywhere. "Judas and the Black Messiah" - was on HBOMax, but gone now. (they are having a bunch of new movies for a short time) "Mank" - Netflix "Minari" - You can buy on a lot of streamers for $20. "Nomadland" - Hulu "Promising Young Woman" - Can be rented online for $6. "Sound of Metal" - Prime "The Trial of the Chicago 7″ - Netflix
  14. Im trying to get through all the best picture nominees. Nomadland was a waste of time. The acting was great, but I didn't care about anyone in the movie at all. Sound of Metal was super fantastic and if the lead actor Riz Ahmed doesn't win best actor I will be shocked. It's about a drummer who loses his hearing. I also recently watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Super fantastic. The most recent TV show I've watched through is Barry, which I love. It's the 2nd time I've watched through both seasons. I am so sad it's taken them so long to get season 3 o
  15. Seems inaccurate! The NCAA tourney is this weekend. Best sports weekend of the year.
  16. Well, that's super horrible. Sorry Napa. This place should have been a.refuge for you during this difficult time and I'm sorry that I was a reason that it wasn't. Forgive me for my insensitivity.
  17. I haven't been to a casino in a long long time. Probably at least 10 years.
  18. Suited, I'm annoyed at you the most. You should be posting more.
  19. That's actually kind-of amazing that they were both born on the same day! I wonder if they were the same year too! EDIT: Nope! Soo close. Prinze Jr is 1976 and Van Der Beek is 1977.
  20. What do you think of Cardano?
  21. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles has got to one of the best comedies of all time. Even with the sappy stuff.
  22. I drove around Speedz old stomping ground, Tufts yesterday. Medford is kinda crappy.
  23. That seems really complex, Colby. I'll look into it though. I'm headed to Boston tomorrow. I'll be there until Sunday. Maybe I'll run into Thera!
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