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  1. In other news, for my birthday, I'm picking up MacNivens, some Sun Kin Wee Mac, and watching Murder on the Orient Express (the 2017 version- which I haven't seen, yet) and playing Obsession (a game that has an Upstairs Downstairs-Downton Abbey-Pride and Prejudice feel). I'm doing this Friday instead of Saturday. I will have the grandkids on Saturday. I'm not as isolated as I should be, but I figured I shouldn't have the annual gathering of anyone around who wants to come eat at Canal Bistro or whatever. I'm making Conner come over at least. He's in it for the food and beer. Also, I pay his bills.
  2. We did, by the skin of our teeth. I just canceled my plans to go see Raist this month. Boo.
  3. One more sleep!!!! Are you picking me up tomorrow, Scott?
  4. That convertible you got Bev is really nice. Are you getting one for you, too, or are you sharing?
  6. The last 2 days: Wake up 6 am Arrive at work around 7:10 am Work, work, work trying all the while to avoid child germs (COVER YOUR NOSE WITH YOUR MASK!) Get really excited about a short story that I think is hilarious but falls flat with 4th grade. Say the words "crusty bottom" in reference to pizza (book about an anthropomorphic slice of pizza) and get laughs from Kindergarten and 1st. After work errands (groceries/prescriptions/return public library books) Arrive home around 5:30 pm Eat pre-packaged chicken caesar salad. Drink wine Eat Tostitos Scoops and Sabra Guac Drink more wine (I've been into Pinot Noir the last few bottles- this one was from my home county- Estancia brand) Watch Love it or List it on Hulu while eating Chunky Chips Ahoy (3) and drinking Tazo Zen. Take meds. Take muscle relaxers(stupid neck muscles). Brush teeth. Read book (7th in a series called the Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovich-check it out!) Last night I played a game of Castles of Burgundy with Dave. Tonight he is on a farm board meeting call. Sleep fitfully (as evidenced by my fitness tracker-Garmin brand) Here's hoping the sleeping goes better tonight. Wish me luck. P.S. I am boring now.
  7. Game recommendation: Century Spice Road. Not a steep learning curve. Easy set up. Competitive with room to improve strategy over many plays- so it doesn't get boring.
  8. This is the first Friday in a while that has a Friday type of significance. I worked a full week in my building for the first time since March 6th. It was kinda surreal. The kids come back Wednesday unless our district admin stops hoping and crossing their fingers this will work. I'm super conflicted. I think I would be fine if we just pushed back the kids' return to August 17th like IPS is doing.
  9. Where else do we go? Vegas! Not for a few months.
  10. My library was NOT a covid epicenter. One of the other schools where I manage the library collection had the covid.
  11. Yes, I am doing the library thing. I finished my undergrad in Spanish in 2013 and my Masters in Library Science at the end of 2016. I took a job as the librarian in an elementary school in the fall of 2017. My library is amazing.
  12. Things I am reading: Broken Homes (Book 3 Peter Grant Rivers of London) by Ben Aaronovitch. I heartily recommend this series. Modern day London, police procedural, magic is real. Copyrighteous by Diana Gill. I DO NOT recommend this. If I wasn't doing a book study for license renewal points I would have abandoned this book. It's boring, taking forever to give me actual information, and I really hate the author's "voice". Her writing style sucks, imho. It's like a mediocre blog that never ends. Ugh. Not like any of you would read it anyway, because it's a teacher book, but just in case... don't. Things I plan to read but who knows when I will get to them (for sure because I will buy/read the next Rivers of London book before picking up one of these that I already own-): The Playful Classroom by (my favorite teacher of teachers) Jed Dearybury. It just arrived today. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (It was recommended but it's self-helpy so we'll see. I normally don't like self-help.) Teach Like a Champion 2.0 (also recommended... we will see) Daring Greatly by Brene Brown (see my thoughts on Big Magic.) RA the Mighty Cat Detective (elementary fiction) Power Forward by Hesa Khan (elementary fiction) This one will get read when school starts because I'm reading it to my 4th graders. I'll have to read it 7 times to get it read to all the 4th grade classes. I hope it's good. The New Kid by Jerry Craft (middle grade graphic novel and Newbery Award winner for 2020) Fire and Blood by George R.R. Martin. I am embarrassed that I haven't read this, yet. This list of picture books: https://www.ilfonline.org/page/2020-2021YHBAPicture A bunch of other books on my Kindle and shelves that I bought but haven't read. Bunch=who knows....MANY. A HUGE STACK OF COMICS AND GRAPHIC NOVELS that I buy from my favorite comic seller because I have a pull list that I hate to tell him to stop pulling because I hate to not give him regular business. However I did recently read Calla Cthulu, Spell on Wheels, and Sex Criminals Volume 1. They were all fun to read. If you want them, I'll mail them to you. It should be noted that if I would stop bingeing Property Brothers on Hulu and read instead, I would be whittling my to-be-read pile down much more quickly. I love those adorable brothers and I'm fascinated by spray foam insulation and adding new beams and footings. Also, who would choose the maintenance monsters of granite or marble when you could have maintenance-free quartz? My kitchen is a gut job. tl;dr? Just ramblings.. Unless you want me to mail you graphic novels, then you should read the paragraph about comics and graphic novels.
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