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  1. I finally tested negative! 5th times a charm!
  2. Pffft try being on my roller coaster ride .. a month and a half.. 4 tests later and my latest results STILL
  3. Beer glasses are apparently a COVID hot spot too .. Bottles or plastic cups from now on.. js
  4. It’s going.. I just got over having COVID and am still waiting for clearance to go back to work.. otherwise .. living the life being in the house 24-7
  5. I haven't logged in here in forever..
  6. That has to be it.. I don't think we have one of those in these here parts..
  7. I was really contemplating on coming this year.. However the airfar right now is about $550 per person.. That's a little insane.. I put in lower fare alerts on all the sites.. Hopefully something comes up
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