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  1. Congratulations!!! You made it through!
  2. If this is what we have been riding the past 5 months, I want to get off.
  3. We didn't get to 2 threads with this one being 13,888 pages by being productive.
  4. So does this part mean you are still doing the library thing? As far as the longer list, I think we all have a bunch of books, comic or otherwise, that we purchase and never get around to reading, I think that is a part of growing up. I'm sure we will all clear up the backlog of books at some point. Maybe when I can't read the TV guide from my chair anymore
  5. I did, seems to be safe enough. You still drinking Woodford exclusively? I got some for a birthday a couple years back. I apologize to you, I was missing out. Between that and Wild Turkey. Good times to be had.
  6. I went back to a cartoon avatar, so take that how you want.
  7. Sorry to hear that you had to deal with it, but glad you came through the other side. Hopefully it's back to work soon for you. House life 24/7 is not everything that I thought it would be, that is for sure.
  8. How's it going all? Glad to see a lot of recognizable characters still around.
  9. It's ours now. Everything that was old is new once again!!!!
  10. At what point do we get squatters rights on this thread to call it our own?
  11. Is this thing on? Anyone home?
  12. well best of luck with the satelliting in to the tournament.
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