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  1. We’ll be in Vegas in January for my oldest’s 21st birthday. We are so old ☹️ John built a craps table to teach her before we go. Unfortunately our 9 year old is the only one that makes a consistent profit. We’re not sure if that’s good or bad parenting.
  2. And now it’s Saturday. Y’all need to bring this thread back to life
  3. We’re all old now. I just spent 10 minutes trying to remember how to quote a post. I’m still not convinced I’m doing it right.
  4. COVID Isolation has finally gotten the best of us. How y’all doing?
  5. Ten minutes .... then it’s ours
  6. This wasn't directed at anyone in particular in this thread. It was an address to the internet poker community in general.Probably would have posted it at 2+2 if I hadn't been banned after being identified as a friend of Dan Druff.
  7. Brandi’s death is sad for too many reasons to count. It’s sad because she ended her own life. It’s sad because she made that choice at a time when her family and friends thought she was turning her life around. It’s sad because her life was sad. And it’s sad because she left behind a lot of people who really loved her and would have continued to love her even if she had continued to make mistakes.I find this to be a sad commentary on the state of the online poker community. If you go to 2+2 right now you’ll see an on going list of posters stepping up and admitting regret to how they treat
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