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  1. I finally tested negative! 5th times a charm!
  2. Pffft try being on my roller coaster ride .. a month and a half.. 4 tests later and my latest results STILL
  3. Beer glasses are apparently a COVID hot spot too .. Bottles or plastic cups from now on.. js
  4. It’s going.. I just got over having COVID and am still waiting for clearance to go back to work.. otherwise .. living the life being in the house 24-7
  5. I haven't logged in here in forever..
  6. That has to be it.. I don't think we have one of those in these here parts..
  7. I was really contemplating on coming this year.. However the airfar right now is about $550 per person.. That's a little insane.. I put in lower fare alerts on all the sites.. Hopefully something comes up
  8. Sorry about your Grandma Henry..
  9. This is where all the cool kids are hiding out
  10. I think my eye doctor that I get to see today is hot as hell.. so why not the gyno? Yep I got some.. Infection and allergic reactions suck.. Feel Better!!Such a Bad Picture of me.. I look fat because of my jacket.. but its all I got right now..
  11. Picked this up from the dealership today.. I look hot on it
  12. I did Smacciemac.. I got the pic of Capt. Sig signing the photo for me that Roger took :)Hi
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