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  1. well, .......... shit. So damn sad. Such a funny yet complicated/tortured guy. We took him under our wing several years ago during one of my Vegas WSOP/FCP golf outing weekends. He told me his mom warned him not to fly out there alone, that we were not his friends. His whole family babied and over protected him because of his condition and he absolutely hated it. But he came anyway, to my knowledge his first time ever to Vegas (or anywhere traveling alone I think) and he went nuts and had a blast. He wore a T-shirt he had made with a giant photo of his drivers license plastered on it
  2. I find this thinking limited. Nice to read about actual high stake hands. Mixed games are infinitely more fun but are sadly non existent low/mid stakes options at most brick & mortar casinos.
  3. Lately when in Vegas I seem stuck in a rut of Lotus of Siam, Sen of Japan and the Omlette house on Charleston near downtown. Still love bFast at Cafe Bellagio too. Peppermill and Blueberry Hill get 24 hours joint honorable mentions CUT still rules the steaks imo but last week I had a great dinner at Joes at Ceasars. A bottle of Justin vineyards Isosceles was heaven. Bills Gamblin' hall is now a terrific/swanky boutique hotel with a pool club on the roof. And the entire Quad /Ferris wheel walk area is brand new and a big improvement. They even re-built O'Sheas in the back. The whe
  4. And then Satan said: "put the alphabet in math" 'ello Dustin ;-)
  5. Hows everyone enjoying today's pay check? #itsonlythebeginnning...
  6. I find this show usually entertaining, often for the wrong reasons. Guilty pleasure TV. This episode was great, I was rooting for both D and the other bloke (who starts off so quite douchey but is more likable in the end). Daniel and Lindsay .... for those who have not seen it I'll not spoiler it, but Sylvia and I couldn't help but want them to succeed.
  7. E.L.'s got serious personal issues. Moving back to Vegas? And if he runs like dog sh*t and sinks deeper? Sad story imo.
  8. Christian Chrosniak Thanks for all the messages everyone, they really brightened p my time here! Just got settled in my new room om the regular ward...got most of my lines out and am ready to get home soon!
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