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  1. Our government has been taken over and I've been forced to become a Martha and work in the home of mean and nasty commander and his ugly wife. I risk my life occasionally to play poker in the underground. If I'm caught, I will be hung from the wall, if but I was only young enough to be a handmaid so I would have more value I would only be beaten and returned to a life of pro-creation. Hi everyone! How's it going? It's been a long time.
  2. oops shit, hell I totally see it now. I thought I remembered you being one of the nice ones, sorry. I think my forum skills got rusty during my break. I totally agree with your last post. IIRC that is exactly what caused their problems. I do however get their desire to expand outside this ****ed up country.
  3. I read the article and aren't you nice. Now I remember why I haven't posted here in ages. You obviously have reading comprehension problems. Nothing I said is contradictory (that means disputing) to the article. Let me say it simpler for you, Caesars is in financial trouble, they seem to be moving toward more non-US investments and interest, making this acquisition (that means purchase or merger) make sense. FYP
  4. Weird, they closed the Harrah's in Tunica, MS and stopped construction on the Margaritaville Casino in Biloxi, MS a long time ago. The foundation is just sitting there creating a big 'ol eye sore right on the gulf. Seems a little odd that they're trying to make this type of acquisition at this time. However, it has seemed like they've been trying to expand more outside of the US, which is likely a very good idea. Maybe, as you say Bob, this is a start to their reorganization and furturing their non US interest. Hi to all by the way! I took a long break from poker and currently am occasionally getting my feet wet a little here and there. Mostly I seem to have become a net depositor, LOL. Hope you all are doing well, I've missed everyone a bunch.
  5. Well dammit! Daniel and his curiosity calls! Time to get it back... LFG! One more double please!
  6. I think if Daniel makes the final table it might renew make waning interest in poker.
  7. Best of luck! Hope he pulls it off this year, he's one hell of an ambassador for poker! Had the privilege to meet him last year during the main event. While all the other big name pros were barely, if at all, acknowledging their rail Daniel was getting up between hands to talk to his and have pictures made with them. LFG!!!
  8. I'm a little behind on this thread but damn, I meant to look to see if this was running again this year but I got busy and forgot then Rose said it wasn't. Too bad, it would have been fun since this my first year to go to the WSOP. Hope to see some of you guys out there. One thing, Tanner said: "Profitability of poker training sites died with Black Friday." This isn't really true, TPE and Run it Once are doing really well from what I can tell. Pretty sure the new Ivey League training site will do well also. Americans still play poker and there is the rest of the world. Daniel is just obviously is done with PokerVT, which is a shame since it did have some really good format differences from the other sites but it's his life and his business. The site was never run well and had big problems with management from early on. Old sites die away and new ones take their place, it's not really a big deal. As for this forum, there are still those of us who pop in occasionally and say a word or two. It's nice to check now and again.
  9. Poker Host was banning winning players on Merge too. It's very likely Host policy as the blamed Merge and now they're blaming EPN. Since they did it on both networks I tend to believe it's a Host decision not network. If you use Bodog/Bovada as an example they are the only site who seems to have successfully protected the fish without losing the winning players. They are by far the biggest volume site that still services the US.since the anonymous player implementation they have ease on a few things but overall they put things in place and kept them that way. Merge has been a ridiculous example of one dumb decision after another. There are baboons in the zoo who have better business sense than the people running Merge. They try one dumb thing after another but it's all in an effort to protect rec players yet having unlimited reentry MTTs with long registration/reentry periodS only causes fish (and break even regs) to go broke fast. Thus they try something else instead of fixing the core problem. Winning Network, which isn't mentioned, should have been the network to grow instead of Bovada but they try to play on both teams. They try to satisfy the regs and protect the fish and do a terrible job of both. Bottom line seems only Calvin got it right and of course as usual PokerStars does what they always have, make good logical business decisions, provide great customer service, fast payouts and great games with no dumb gimmicks they own the lions share of the business. It's never ceased to amaze me that Stars provide a winng business model but no other site has the sense to copy it.
  10. if and when I were to watch porn I'd honestly prefer girl on girl and I have zero interest in hard core porn of any kind and tbh I don't know of any women who do but come to think of it I don't know of many women who admit to watching porn. I think plenty do but they don't admit it but if they do watch it's like soft core male/female porn with people of their own race, well maybe some asian thrown in there to mix things up. While I prefer men I just think straight porn is boring, oh if I'd ever watched it.
  11. Pornhub girl on girl FTW! How did this turn into a porn conversation? Oh yeah poker is a male dominated sport, thus poker forums are male dominated, thus porn... Girls watch it too, they just rarely admit it to anyone. On another note: I might have some Vegas action coming up for sale soon. Working on the details for ladies week but will include a couple of WSOP events and RIO deepstacks. Not sure how much my backer is planning on taking right this minute. I'll post if I have some left if anyone is interested. Yeah, yeah follow up porn admission with shameless WSOP action plug, I know I suck! Here's the link to my spreadsheet but I have to give my backer first choice:
  12. It's so small it's known as a...... hummm nope not going there.
  13. Wait, let me look....... Nope no penis so yep I'm really a woman.
  14. Miss everyone (well everyone would be a lie but most everyone) on this forum and wanted to say hi! What's everyone up to these days? Who in the US is still playing poker online and where? Who's doing well with live poker? Any other catch up news? Will Rose ever understand variance? (sorry hun I couldn't resist, you know I love ya) I'm still playing online but would love to play more live. Just got back from the Cherokee, NC WSOPC. Bricked everything but the ladies event, finished 6th in that one. Crushed some video poker though. Online is online, not much to brag about there. My backer bought 50% of my Cherokee action so did have any to sell this year. I'm praying, hoping, planning to go to Vegas for part of the series. Okay that's me, let's hear from everyone else.
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