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  1. I feel I'm going to have to dumb this down a bit. Obviously time travel has limits. Didn't Terminator clearly show us that going back in time has limits or else the machines would have gone back to the 1830's and Little House on the Prairie would have ended at season one! Why would you want to write a story without personal connection? By having a guy travel back to our time, we are part of the story. Now you can judge using your morality and world view because you are part of the conundrum. Would we NOW be able to judge the proclamation that a major war is needed to stop some
  2. It's almost like you don't know what a fiction book is. The focus is on the moral dilemma presented by time travel if the future is unknown. The China choice is because it is the most feasible choice for a future problem that would require a huge step of faith for our timeline. And we could beat China like a drum if we needed too.
  3. Paying less while destroying your manufacturing base is short sided and only benefits the Aynn Rand types, not the people who think. We do not need anyone to win any war. And trade with the US is still the best deal in town. For the foreseeable future we should dictate terms.
  4. I was thinking of writing a short story about a guy coming from the future and telling America it has to go to war with China right now because we can defeat them now and in the future thy will destroy the world. Kind of a "if you could go back in time and kill baby Hitler" story line but from the viewpoint of past. They eat with sticks and their kids crap in the streets, I'm not that impressed with China
  5. Look I'm all for "US companies leaving their homelands to open up sweatshops in poor countries, then ship the products back to the Us for sale so they can make so much profit that they don't pay taxes on, without any tariffs reducing their profits", as the next guy. I'm just saying that maybe we should look at the long term results of letting China grow their military to the point of their communist regime being able to threaten Taiwan and their other neighbors. You know, think about tomorrow and not just today's profits. Apple makes $407,000 profit per employee each year. OF cours
  6. We had bad deals. I like having a president who puts America first in trade deals. I don't have a problem when Canada puts Canada first, or China puts China first, every country except France should put their country first.
  7. China is getting their feet in Africa and Mexico / South America with their telecommunications installations. Read an interesting article about how the long term result is China being able to control so much because they will have access to so much. So we either get to have the trade war now, and greatly curtails China's expansion, or we get to have the military war later. Trade War is the first step, Space Force is the second one.
  8. He misses me so he's trying to fill the void with a sugar substitute ( that's you suited )
  9. Man Trump is killing it. What's with the Canadian Pm's false eyebrows? Cryptocoins? More like Cryptoscams... Comey didn't know Weiner was married to Uma? I think the Blue wave is going to drown the democrat party
  10. Turns out Trump didn't ruin the economy. Turns out Trump didn't ruin our relations with China Turns out Trump didn't destroy America's image around the world His latest tweet may be my favorite of all time.
  11. It's the perfect crime. Buy a stock, with post tax dollars, watch it become huge; making yourself super rich. Then you DIE and don't have to pay any taxes on it! It's genius! There is no downside...well except for the dying part. The government is ENTITLED to all monies. You have no right to gain ANY without giving them their share. Work your job until April 23rd and give every penny to the government, every year. That is your duty, because the government is very efficient and careful with your money. How dare anyone try to keep their money. Besides, they will
  12. Look at how their companies use tax laws, like NetJet. They find every way to not pay taxes. Then on their own money they talk about higher taxes. NetJet could have just handed over the $500mill it owed without fighting it if they were so tax friendly. And Gates? He;s got a little bit of the hypocrisy problem not Clinton, he just uses charitable organizations to dodge paying any taxes. Like how he uses his Canadian branch to receive shady offerings then transfer them to the US without having to disclose the names from the Canadian part of the same slush fund. 3 guys
  13. CNN just can't help themselves. They are the fake news poster child First they try to be snarky by this headline: Trump asks Japan to build cars in the US. It already does. The lede is a selectively edited quote to imply Trump doesn't know Japan builds cars in the US. Then they go on to casually talk about the car business. They know they can get away with blatant lies about Trump because they are CNN THEN they double down with another fake news story about Trump and the Koi fish freedinggate scandal that shows Trump is a buffoon. Which also backfires once
  14. He wasn't a member of the NRA. In fact no mass shooter ever has been a member of the NRA But they often are members of the democrat party
  15. Actually both dishonorable discharge AND domestic violence charge make it illegal for him to own a gun. But he does fit the normal mass shooter profile of being an atheist
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