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  1. There are also the Casino Employee Event and the Seniors Event. Do these exhibit discrimination also??? I agree that it is just the WSOP reaching out to let people, who might not normally play in an open event, have something special just for them. I REALLY can't imagine a man wanting to tell people that he won a bracelet in the Woman's Event.
  2. Forgot again!!! Gotta put it on my phone to get a reminder - lol
  3. My BR has taken a real beating late , so I REALLY needed that bounty. What can I say????
  4. I do so enjoy these tourneys. Wish I didn't keep forgetting to play them.
  5. yes, I do have that problem. Haven't heard of a way to fix it.
  6. This same kind of letter was received by many dealerships here in W Michigan. And often it seemed, the dealerships were among the top 2 or 3 in their area. It looks like they want to keep the smaller dealerships open and close the larger ones. Again, many of there were family owned and had been in business for 20+ years. The fact that they are stuck with all their inventory is really sick. Around here, it looks like a lose-lose situation.
  7. It made my Wednesday a little better too. I do soooo enjoy the Horsey nites.
  8. Still WAITING for my shirt and Chip Set from last year. Is it because I used to be related to DN, or that I live just a few miles from Matt that he won't send them to me, maybe? I will even drive over and pick them up if that would help. I would kinda like to get them sometime.
  9. Fantastic - Congrats Rob - It's great to hear the accomplishments of people - your story is an inspiration to others. Thanks for sharing.
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