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  1. Sorry...didn't mean that. I meant the deluge of FCP HOF'ers all in here at once.Here's to some rungood to help you right the ship!
  2. This thread is so awesome again all of a sudden.
  3. Great article about played out interweb slang:http://jezebel.com/5551384/the-5-most-over...on-the-internet
  4. Why thank you, sir, and same to you. The feedback we've been getting on this has made all the effort more than worthwhile. Will keep you all posted on our next project, fo sho. GL at the tables!
  5. Here are a few things I took away from this project that I think are worth mentioning:1) I know it's easy to hear the responses to some of these questions and laugh, particularly when the answer appears to be a very confident or even borderline boastful one "in a vacuum." But in defense of those (and there were many across interviewees--several of which didn't make the doc), I will say that if I learned ONE thing about poker pros, it is that a LOT of self-confidence is an absolute must. It's what puts you in the right frame of mind to play the stakes you play. It's what helps you through the i
  6. Thanks, all. FYI we're talking about editing a couple of "extras" vids. Hopefully some outtakes from golf and the hofbrauhaus, plus a really informative interview with an old FCP'er, ObeyTheDog--lots of good stuff in this. Stay tuned.
  7. LOL! Would have loved to include the golf footage but there really weren't many spots to put in b-roll once we got the questions going. But yes, there were some priceless moments from the course. I personally loved someone's tee shot that was immediately followed by, "I think that just hit the Suncoast." Some really just horribly, horribly horrendous swings out there...
  8. Thanks! Glad you liked it, and good to know the vimeo version is OK. I think it was just my screwy home internet connection yesterday (was playing online later that night and averaged about 42% connectivity for some reason).Again, thanks Bob.
  9. Thanks and agreed. There were a lot of factors that limited the scope for us, but overall it was a helluva lot of fun and we learned a lot (both in poker and in how to make a film) so we're really happy with it. I figured at the worst we'd have a good, fun recap of the guys' WSOP experience, and I think we exceeded that baseline which we originally set for this.
  10. So last summer when a bunch of dudes from FCP decided they were renting houses together for the '09 WSOP, my first thought was, "Sausage fest." But then I thought, "Hey, maybe I could go visit these clowns and shoot some video of them under the guise of a "documentary" so I can learn their systems! (Oh, and convince the wife I needed to be in Vegas every weekend in June...that was key.)What I ended up with was a bunch of new friendships, a much bigger appreciation for how good these guys are, and a chance to see Phil Hellmuth bust into DN's VIP suite at the RIO so he could take a shit (alas, t
  11. Was I the only one who immediately thought "like-Matt Damon-as-highly-intelligent-janitor-at-Ivy-League-school" just without the "highly-intelligent" part?
  12. This thread has brought me out of the FCP woodwork again. BG and CaneBrain and NoSup oh my!(BTW, JSpence is mostly wrong. OP is likely confused. I still <3 FCP.)
  13. Yes, except I don't know if I've ever patrolled with only Ace-high--don't have the stones for that. But I definitely would and do with top pair any kicker or sometimes with medium pair and/or crappy hands on scary boards.
  14. Thanks, man! Absolutely. If I find out I can't make it (but it's already looking even better since I posted yesterday), I'll make sure to get the forms to you or NoSup before you guys head out.-Pots
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