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  1. Getting there is a big part of the battle. Luckily, his options are bad. Wade was brutal that finals. Like replacement level brutal
  2. He's been bad all playoffs. And usually he's a guy who comes up big in big spots. It's baffling. Norris Cole has been light years better. Miami is going to let him walk this summer.
  3. He is a clown. My money was on ric Bucher but this makes sense
  4. Probably some clown at the Cleveland plain dealer. Heat in 6. Wade healthy, Parker not.
  5. I'm a bit tired of everyone insisting Miami is worse this year. Yes, overall, this isn't the 27 game win streak team with Miller gone and Battier at the end of the line. But Miami is better going into this finals than last finals bc Wade is healthy. So obvious. Yet, every talking head parrots the same crap. Blah.
  6. You'll be rooting for Miami then. Okc wins by double digits tonight. Spurs win by double digits in game 7. It's more than a trend at this point.
  7. I paid an absurd amount to go to heat/spurs game 7 last year. You won't regret it.
  8. Had duke out early but not this early. 13/16 yesterday, 0/1 today but I'm thrilled about it.
  9. Classic lucky 62-16 run by Wisconsin. Nailed Harvard and Dayton. Slightly off on Colorado.
  10. And I'm the one who has sex and a life and such. It's not iied, this is a civil rights issue. It's bigger than Frau.
  11. 7-11 inches here, worst winter in Philly history I believe. I have all the timing.
  12. Have you had a Twix ice cream bar? It'll blow your mind.
  13. Frau, It was a Mediterranean tapas style place with great reviews. Except, they pulled a bait and switch and had a mandatory four course V-Day menu instead. First course I got a Caesar salad with grilled shrimp. It was just a head of romaine I had to cut myself. Dressing was bland, lettuce was wilted, croutons were not crunchy. My wife got tuna carpaccio. Tiniest sliver of tuna served under a balsamic reduction that the kitchen burned. Inedible. Second course was steak tartar for me. The poached quail egg on top was good. The beef was gross. Wife had Kumamoto oysters. Sh
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