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  1. This is from his twitterSunday July 5 i show up to WSOP as 'Caesar: with 100 models, 11 muses w body paint, a chariot w 2 horses, and a drummer dropping rose petalsLOL! I take it he will be wearing a toga as well. Yikes.
  2. This guy came back from New Zealand to have a stellar 2007 (I think $2.5 million in cashes) and then disappeared again. Anyone know where he is?
  3. OK. I now read Doyle's blog as well. Isn't it odd that Hellmuth's blog says he went to the concert with Doyle and Todd Brunson, but Doyle says him and Todd ran into Hellmuth who was there with Clonie Gowen? Hellmuth doesn't even mention Clonie in his blog. Doyle's blog also says they dropped off Phil and Clonie at the hotel at the end of the night. Again, Phil makes no mention of Clonie Gowen whom he was with all night.WTF is going on here?
  4. I'm not sure if DN talked about it in his blog, but Phil Hellmuth's latest blog explains why Daniel is in Australia right now.
  5. My picks are Dwan, Townsend, Wasicka and Schreiber in the final 4.
  6. Helmuth vs. Durr is another good one
  7. For those who don't mind spoilers, just type in Wire season 5 leak (no quotes) on youtube and you will see 3-4 segments from later on in the season.
  8. Only about 200 players in the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E., and I think I have an excellent chance to win that tournament. In fact, supposing a 200 player field, I would guesstimate that I would finish in first place anywhere from 2% to 3% of the time. That works out to about 50-1 or 33-1. I realize that DN is good at all forms of poker, but doesn't this statement assume that Daniel is 4-6 times better than the average player in that 50K HORSE field? That field is filled with very talented pros. Sure, you'll get a few great online NL players who want to take their shot and also guys like Gavin Smith who
  9. Is there a sub-plot, a background story etc. about Gordon and Lindgren that most people don't know about? It seems like their dislike for each other goes deeper than PAD and Gordon's comments on his blog.
  10. **** Spoilers *******What a great post! Just to add to the point about McNulty, I would say that through the first three seasons --although the show technically has what may be termed as an "ensemble" cast-- the two major characters were McNulty and Stringer Bell. The producers kill off Bell at the end of the third season and make McNulty's character a peripheral one at best. Yet, despite the emotional investment the viewers had on these (as well as some other departed characters such as D'Angelo Barksdale, Frank Zobotka etc.) , the show is able to come back, not miss a beat and perharps even
  11. The deal with The Wire is that if you watch the first 3-4 show and actually pay undivided attention, you'll be so hooked that you won't want to do anything else while atching the rest of the episodes.But, if you start out watching while running on a tradmill or doing something else that makes you miss certain things, the show is not for you.It's certainly not like the first episode of every season of 24 where it'll garb you from the second the show starts. But that's not a negative thing in my opinion.
  12. I was just kidding, man. Sorry if I offended you. At any rate, this is ultimately a matter of preference. So, while I disagree with it, I certainly respect you opinion.
  13. LOL! Yeah the Sopranos is so real that the boss of the crime family can see a therapist for years and no one would even try to whack him for that. Or that Christopher's character would screw up royally, write script about the mob, have his fiancee be an informant to the FBI and STILL manage to stay alive. Or Meadow and Anthony, Jr. can be in their late teens and STILL think their daddy is in the garbage business. C'mon, if you look hard enough, the show has more holes than a pound of Swiss cheese. Unfortunately, you can't seem to notice them cause you got head buried in David Chase's nuts.
  14. OK, I'll give it a shot. First, The Wire covers a much larger fragment of the society than does Sopranos. In the past four seasons, cops, drug dealers, labor unions, politicians and school kids & teachers have been covered with amazing depth and detail in The Wire. Second, the social commentary provided by The Wire about both human nature and, on a more focused basis, the urban decay in today's America is much more profound than what Sopranos have to offer even if the mob family depicted on that show is seen as an image of the society as a whole.Also, it seems to me that the grittiness of
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