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  1. now that.....is what ya call a good win....who is this "beard" guy?
  2. wow first post on fcp in months I think.....anyways, I love the Bourn deal, but now all of a sudden I am worried about pitching. Whats going on? Also, it's getting really annoying how much the Nationals own us in DC. I'm to the point of settling for wild card but dan the D Backs are hot now and we got to keep this thing going. Am I getting too worried???? lolwhat it be?
  3. wow....Seven Swans....such a stellar albumTo Be Alone With You is very purty
  4. ok wow its hard for me to like Kanye but the dude can produce an album.......pretty damn good
  5. hey where do you guys download your music from? It's the holiday season and I'm broke, loledit: oh yeah and I want teh new Kanye album but I don't want to buy it.....he doesn't need my moneyedit2: nevermind found what I need
  6. wow.....that does seem pretty easy....too easyWonder what kind of plan dude has for converting his chips to cash.
  7. loved the finale.....they def have the stories set up for us going into the 2nd season.......it can't get here soon enough
  8. huuuge game vs. GB next weekend.......I'll be there, can't wait......GO BIRDS!!!
  9. lol #1 power ranking for first time ever.....not that it really means anythingI think if we can get homefield throughout the playoffs we have a great chance of reaching the SB. I don't like our chances of winning a playoff road game though in Philly or GB.......we can take the NYG up there tho
  10. love the trade......very good for ATL
  11. pretty sure they run cash games during the PCA
  12. Cam Newton has to win the Heisman.......Auburn is a damn good team
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