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  1. Before my nephew, I had a few relatives that had it...but it took 4-5 months for it to really reach my circle. I wasn't even advocating for anything policy-wise. I was just saying, "Hey, let's not completely dismiss the notion that this thing is going to only affect old/immuno-compromised people." As for me, my sister is immuno-compromised, and my wife also doesn't have the best immune system...so we've done the best we've can to be careful and minimize exposure.
  2. He hasn't been hospitalized and hasn't had trouble breathing or anything, but he has just generally felt awful (throwing up and sweats) for a couple of weeks. (He tested Covid positive.) I think part of the concern isn't just death...it's that a lot of these folks could have long-term health effects. So even taking the somewhat cynical/pragmatic view of looking at things from an economic perspective...that's probably not going to help us.
  3. My otherwise healthy nephew is 18 and has been having a hard time battling Covid for the past two weeks.
  4. I don't get flu shots, but probably should. My wife had a pretty negative reaction when she got a flu shot a number of years ago, so she's avoided them since. (We're both very pro-vaccine otherwise.)
  5. Thoughts? (I thought it was excellent.)
  6. I was curious. You're in the middle or on the left? (I think I recall you said you had a brother.)
  7. This goes into a lot of the history of the statues: Growing up in Georgia/Tennessee/Alabama, there definitely were some remnants of the Lost Cause in the past few generations. I will say that there's a level of resentment that I internalized as a Southerner. I had a decently thick accent as a kid, but I got mocked since there's a stigma that people with the accent are stupid. As a result, I consciously shed it...and now people are surprised when I tell them I'm from there.
  8. It's a really great movie. Love the suit. Love the music. Love the visuals. Love the pudding subplot.
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