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  1. You could have some free Nano if you download and play around with WeNano. (Free geocaching with crypto.)
  2. Hope everyone had a good summer. We went to Disney World last week for the first time in a few years.
  3. I had three 7 series from around 1998 until 2015. Finally swapped for a minivan.
  4. After being delayed due to overall circumstances last year, I got a raise yesterday...the amount that I should've gotten last year plus this new year. So that was a welcome surprise.
  5. GL, brv My wife got her first shot last Monday. I'm getting my first shot Tuesday.
  6. I owned some at one point and then sold it off when consolidating and taking a profit. I'm not fundamentally opposed to it, though I'm skeptical of why it has such a comparatively high market cap when it's largely theoretical value as far I know. (I haven't done a deep dive...I think I heard their network is functioning.)
  7. If you don't dig to deeply into understanding the underlying tech, it's actually about as easy as crypto goes. Download wallet...receive money almost instantly with no protocol fees.
  8. If you want an actual legitimate crypto project, grab some Nano. https://old.reddit.com/r/AltStreetBets/comments/ll0wif/why_im_so_enthusiastic_about_nano_and_why_you/
  9. I mean...I agree that Trump was terrible to lead it. I get the reading there though...that the travel ban was racist/xenophobic. It very well could've been...and Trump got lucky. But I really didn't notice that much criticism, because it quickly became apparent that it was a wise decision.
  10. I keep hearing this brought up, and I pay pretty close attention to politics, but I really don't remember that. I certainly wouldn't call him racist for attempting to stop the spread of a pandemic. (He had plenty of policies that were racist...but that wasn't one of them.)
  11. Having 0% of your net worth in crypto is betting against it ever being a thing...and it definitely seems like it's going to be a thing. Having even 1% is hedging against inflation.
  12. To paraphrase a friend, it's probably riskier at this point to not have any crypto than to have at least some.
  13. So some good things have been happening. Crypto's really killing it lately.
  14. Huh. First I'm hearing of this. Also, there was a radio station playing Christmas songs like 2-3 weeks ago here. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/christmas-music-season-data/
  15. Same ol', same ol'. We went back to partial "in-person", though I only have one student there. Work load has been kind of light due to some students being absent, so that's kind of nice. Going to be around here for Thanksgiving, and then we'll likely go up to my hometown for Christmas.
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