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  1. Weird of you to come in here trying to start drama.
  2. Are you joking? We'd never elect a ginger. Canadians would, but we're better than that.
  3. I didn't say that. I said they have no credibility. Plenty of true stuff on Fox, it just happens to be everywhere else as well
  4. Yeah, sorry, Fox News has zero credibility these days. This is a decrease from "only a little" credibility before Obama took office.
  5. I watch CNN to see what Twitter thinks. And who Nancy Grace is convicting that night.
  6. Definitely agree on the Presidential books - I've been meaning to pick up W's eventually. And your Dick Morris comment is spot-on too. I still chuckle when I hear that if he makes a prediction, and you bet money against it, you could probably become filthy rich.
  7. A new Benghazi twist? http://security.blogs.cnn.com/2012/10/24/doubts-surface-over-e-mail-on-claim-of-responsibility-for-benghazi-attack/?hpt=hp_t3
  8. I like Politico for much of my news. Al-Jazeera English is pretty good too. I don't know if 538.com counts as news, but I'll always recomend it. In regards to political books, I got nothing for ya. It seems most books are theoretical and/or subjective, requiring folks to read as much as they can and try to form a moderated opinion. Edit - "Unbiased" news is a myth. Every writer has biases, so we should all be looking for "factual & accurate" news. Admittedly, it's just as difficult to find.
  9. Well, they said 24 hours later it was a terrorist attack. Honest question here (high-level security protocols and dissemination of information are fascinating to me): Given that they said within a day it's a terrorist attack, is it really necessary for them to give the entire public the who/how immediately? As you mentioned, at that point you're gathering intel and attempting to track down the people that did it - I'm not sure telling the world exactly who you're looking for is the smartest strategy if you can find them quickly. And, they found them quickly. Remember the news article abou
  10. Aren't there protocols to the whole "reporting terrorist attacks to the public" thing? Like getting confirmation, making sure survivors are safe, confidentiality, etc etc. 24 hours seems like pretty quick turnaround for the federal government
  11. Have you checked out his book? I'm only 60 pages through, but I've been really impressed thus far. Also learned he was a poker player, which I don't remember learning before.
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