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  1. Bingo! And, yes, we all dream of her, but none of our ex-dates looks like her.
  2. It's simple - post pics of famous women who resemble a girl you date(ed). This is Gemma Atkinson and she looks a little bit like a girl I used to teach french kissin' in school::wub:Post yours. :)PS Bonus pic: hot lesbians; unfortunately, these two are not part of my sex life.
  3. I stayed at home the other day, watching this honey doing some very naughty things on TV. That day was fun... very wet fun.
  4. The last time I skipped job was when I had a dream about this her and I didn't know where was I!
  5. In January I'll take some time off... I really want to see THIS MOVIE - the female is sexy as f0ck, and the creeps look pretty good!Sue me!
  6. I saw this and now I'm too excited to go to work... Damn!
  7. Today I saw the second "Hellboy" and it was very entertaining; great art-work and design.
  8. If there something that can make the day more interesting, it's The Goddess Of Sexyness!Damn, she is so f@ckin' hot!
  9. "Diary of the Dead" was pretty interesting. Worth seeing...I'm waiting for it impatiently.Today I'll watch "El Orfanato".
  10. I just finished the remake "Day Of The Dead" and the movie just... finished me. It was bad, I'd give it 4/10 rating. I can't wait to see "Diary Of The Dead" and I'm sure it's going to be much, much better!What is your last movie you watched? Share some thoughts on the movie, too.
  11. I wanna see this movie so badly that I'd tell my boss to stick his pen in his zombie ass and then I'll go to the nearest theater. It's a pitty that this flick probably won't come to my country!
  12. I feel sick today, but I have this hot chick to warm me during the winter, ho-ho-ho!PS If I'm still sick next week I'll tell my boss that I'm going South to take care of my health.
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