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  1. I tried checking back a few times and got server is not responding message. Figured Danny finally pulled the plug(no pun intended) but no it lives
  2. I’ve got 2 tickets to paradise, won’t you pack your bags we’ll leave tonight
  3. Oh wow 3 reply’s in less then a day this place still does exist! After the rapid decline of online poker after Black Friday I had to decide what I thought the next big thing would be. I narrowed it down to either Bitcoin or televised competitive eating competitions. So I invested all my money in a upstart competitive eating league and yada yada yada I’m now an assistant manager at a cellphone repair store at the third busiest mall in town. how bout you guys? Did suited ever become a lawyer and get to have the secks? Any recent Scram or king tanner sightings?
  4. Still kicking here despite a once a week Popeyes sandwich habit.
  5. RIP man!! Hope your mugs never empty where you are now. I'll drink a Budweiser in your honour;-P
  6. Anyone else think we will see Rose on a episode of hoarders?
  7. I think Hendricks will take a well deserved/needed break till the end of the year. Woodley/Lombard and Macdonald/Diaz and whoever looks the best after that should get the first shot. Of course they will probally have to step aside if GSP comes back at the end of the year.
  8. I read they have just over 2 million to do all that so i cant see all of them being back. No biggy im just estatic we finally have one:-). I'll be intrested in seeing what Tate can get in the market I think its gonna be a lot. the shitty side of buliding a winner is you have to say goodbye to good peices soon after. Gotta have a better draft then 2013 but I think were there again barring catastrophic injuries.
  9. I have a bad feeling about tomorrow. I think the hawks play there game but the refs decide this is the time to nail them for their secondarys physical play. If they are penalized for less then 50 yards we win fairly easily.
  10. grocery_mony

    Car Talk

    $411. The quick lube place is going good for it though. The service manager at the dealership i took it too said this place is their best customer lol, but there always good about fixing their **** ups.
  11. grocery_mony

    Car Talk

    Just realized in the 20 years of driving this is the first time I have to take a vehicle to a mechanic. I guess i was due
  12. grocery_mony

    Car Talk

    It wasnt that because they said I could get a mechanic to get a heli coil. I got it in a shop right now because there was a puddle of oil on the pavement this morning.
  13. grocery_mony

    Car Talk

    I have a 05 Escape. I took into a quick lube place today for a oil change and to replace the fuel filter. When I was just about to leave they said there was a problem with the plug for the oil pan and they would have to add the oil again. I asked what the problem was and they said there is no threads left in the plug hole that the plug was probally cross threaded. I told them that there the only ones ive ever taken it to then he kind of back tracked and said that the threads could have just worn down which is BS because there has never been even a drop of oil on the driveway. They put somethin
  14. Yea the only way i'd join the fight club again is if it was for a event I know was gonna be a hot ticket and I had the cash to get ringside. If your gonna go with cheap seats you might actually want to just wait tilll the day of the event when people cancel there plans. The guy beside us did just that and paid $100 for the same seats we paid $325 for. Its hard to do if your making plans specifically for the event though. The Rousey ppv has $350 ringsides too. I can see it for that card but $350 for the Hendricks/Lawler card shocked me. Unless there holding back the first 20 rows for vip pa
  15. I went to a event in Vancouver a couple years ago. What you really notice live is just how fast these guys are. If I would do it again I would either go ringgside if I can afford it(youll have to pay the $100 or so to get access to the presale through a fightclub membership) or get the best cheap seast possible. The in between stuff is a rip off
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