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  1. Twice a year seems a bit excessive, especially for being so young.
  2. Why do you say that ? He seems to be playing and doing well just like he does very year at the wsop.
  3. I would be curious to the details of that deal, like how long of a contract Daniel would have had to sign to stay the face of the skin. Also the deal he got from stars could not have been for but a fraction of the quoted amount.
  4. 170mm seems really high. Was there a ton of traffic?
  5. GL man, win all that 10nl monies
  6. Should be a fun FT to watch. Going to be a pretty big sweat for all those that bet against Daniel and Ivey.
  7. The mark up is paying for the player's time and talent. You could put yourself into a WSOP tournament but you still have to invest your time. A small mark up of 1.09 seems like a pretty good deal for a player of the magnitude and not having to do anything yourself except give him money.
  8. i would definitely value bet. If raised I prolly call, just cant think of too many hands that beat you that does not c bet that board.
  9. Bet. Villain will check back almost all their hands with showdown value and when villain does bet they will usually never call a check raise
  10. http://andrewrobl.com/blog/2011/06/01/my-t...ps-non-payment/
  11. I think your line is fine.edit: it feels good to be able to post again, power crazy mod itt
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