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  1. On Chicaco Joey's Poker Life Podcast Two Plus Two Publishing Jefe numero uno and Dick Chaney of Poker Mason Malmuth goes after Dnegs again. Says "I think it's very unfortunate that he has become the BIG STAR of Poker" at :1:03:03
  2. So If or when Jungleman gets caught up in another incident will he then be shunned?
  3. Congrats Kid Poker. Hey how much of a final table or other bonus does D get above and beyond the prize money from poker stars? /
  4. LOL Poker Player Alliance... for being shills of the Republican Party...
  5. What Blows me away about this whole shit storm is two things. A. Daniel is and was right about the criminality of just staying open and accepting deposits post black Friday...not to mention the way they ran the business.. B. In Howard's interview he conveniently and surreptitiously brought up "poker player who borrowed money from FTP".. when from 2007 unitl 2011 $400 mil + was paid to the shareholders/board of directors including $41 mil to Howard himself... and he LEANS on Poor Tom Dwan to pay him 1mill to "keep the lights on"... Why the **** didn't this tool take a mortgage out on hi
  6. I know you're probably still stinging from not getting a bracelet especially in that amazing 8 game I got to see "coverd" on Quadjacks.tv but that was an amazing run of cashes and I appreciated the replays you provided via boompoker...... wish you had "gotten in the booth" the Marco and the others.. maybe on the main event final table?
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