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  1. Had a buddy in Iowa put some money down for me. Go clones (but maybe allow a dumb back door cover after dominating all game)!
  2. I do not understand how not only did we open as favorites against Iowa, the number is still going up. If I had access to a bookie I I would probably put some money on Iowa and hate myself.
  3. No, I have no tickets to games. I think I’ve been to maybe 2 games since i had to give up my season tickets when they bowled in the south end zone? my friends and I always talk about picking a game and getting tickets and then never end up doing so. We discussed going to the UNLV game until it came out you had to buy UNLV season tickets and plus with the ‘rona and all. Might try to make it to the WVU game since I’ll probably be back in Iowa for thanksgiving but I doubt it.
  4. I’m going to seriously cry if we don’t have an outstanding game against UNI. Let me have one thing this year, please.
  5. Oh no, I make no recommendations on it. I have not watched it and probably won’t ever. A writer I follow wrote a review on it that I read and was bummed to hear about his throat cancer is all. Apparently he was doing his one man Mark Twain show around the country in hopes of getting funding to make it into a screenplay when his cancer got so bad so that dream is gone. It’s apparently almost entirely behind the scenes footage Val shot himself over the years. Edit: unless it’s really good, than I did recommend it because I have impeccable taste.
  6. Loved loved loved Season 1. pretty meh on season 2 so far although this last ep was better. Just feels like everybody is already caricatures of themselves which usually doesn’t happen until like season 6 of shows. also I saw the Val doc “Val” is on prime if you really want to watch it.
  7. Even recent Lucy Liu in Elementary can get it as far as I’m concerned. and I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to KKBB…I think it’s a great movie, but I just never have the thought that I need to watch it again. Although I do think of “look up idiot in a dictionary…you know what you’ll find?” “A picture of me?” “No…the definition of the word idiot which you fvcking are!” often. which, speaking of, I just read a review of Val’s new doc and I didn’t realize his cancer was so bad that he can’t really talk anymore without plugging his neck hole. Damn shame.
  8. Gosling is so good. His physical comedy chops are unreal and him and his “daughter” play really well off each other. I’ve seen it at least a dozen times and it never fails to make me laugh. I’m surprised you haven’t seen it, tbh. It gets compared to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang a lot, but I think TNG is loads better. It’s on Hulu, at least with a sub anyways. ive never seen Inherent Vice but might have to now.
  9. Man, The Nice Guys is such a good movie.
  10. Thanks, buddy. I would say not really but working through it.
  11. Keep us updated if you feel up to it brvy. We’re pulling for the brvy’s.
  12. Keep us updated if you feel up to it brvy. We’re pulling for the brvy’s.
  13. How are the brvy’s doing?
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