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  1. Hmm. I’ve only ever used it in very specific ways. It is certainly not a common use formula for me. Mostly when I need to reference some position of another cell while building another formula.
  2. We we’re doing a barcrawl downtown one night and it was close to closing time and we ended up at a bar called “Jackson Hole Bar and Grill” and there wasn’t any girls there and then some guys approached us and asked if we had any coke and that’s when I realized it was actually called “Jackson’s Hole Bar and Grill” and I thought maybe we had stumbled into a gay bar but turns out just an unfortunately named bar.
  3. I’ve been out to Wyoming a few times and loved it so much and I didn’t even get out past Casper. I need to go back there.
  4. yeah, turns out buying my friends was worth it. I’m in a group chat with 4 guys around the US that I talk with daily and then my friend group up here that’s 3 of my frat bros and their spouses and then 3 couples that they know from HS/work. The phx trip was 3 couples + me and some combo of the gang gets together at least once a week to have beers or just let the dogs romp or both! Yeeeesh.
  5. I went to phx last week with some friends. Ended up having to work about half the time because of how under-staffed we are right now, which was a bummer. Was still fun to get away and into the sun for a few days. We didn’t really go out which was a-ok with me.
  6. I do hope brvy is feeling better.
  7. It’s possible you had a different variant. That’s about the only way I think? Hope you feel better, brvy.
  8. Job is OK. Still figuring stuff out. Going through the process of hiring my first (second) direct. However, my boss, whom is very good and I really like working for, just put in her two weeks so our dept will shortly be our cfo/coo, me, an entry level hire who’s been here 6 months and a brand new entry level hire. So, about to get overwhelmed for the foreseeable future as I try to keep the wheels on just day to day and then adjusting to having a brand new boss who is also learning everything about our biz. i should have pressed harder on salary negotiations. G
  9. He’s a podcast! You can’t say hi to podcasts?!
  10. Hey uncle Hankey I see you lurking. As prep for this new role I’ve been doing manager tools stuff. The main guy can be a little too rightwing for me sometimes but for the most part it’s been really helpful.
  11. I got a promotion(I had to interview against some external candidates) this week to manager of fp&a. Decent base raise + bonus eligibility. Thanks to brvy for taking a chance on me all those years ago and then even giving me an excellent reference that helped me get that first job. No telling where I’d be today without it.
  12. I remembered why Galena was familiar. A buddies girlfriend rented a house for his 30th bday. It was too warm to do any skiing though so we just ended up drinking at a dive bar downtown. Good time.
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