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  1. Thanks, buddy. I would say not really but working through it.
  2. Keep us updated if you feel up to it brvy. We’re pulling for the brvy’s.
  3. Keep us updated if you feel up to it brvy. We’re pulling for the brvy’s.
  4. How are the brvy’s doing?
  5. Honestly I’d check with your doctor about maybe getting the monoclonal treatments since (I assume) you’re in a high risk category. It’s only really useful before you get bad enough to need hospitalization and is the only regret I have with my dad on not checking in on him more often because if I had known he was feeling sick I would have made him look into it right away but by the time I knew he even had covid it was too late.
  6. I work in “healthcare” but am obviously not a priority in that group but I was randomly selected to get the JJ vaccine when the state first got it a few weeks ago. Probably one of of the first 50k people in the US to get it. My arm was sore the night after the shot but otherwise no side effects. Also saving a bundle on electric since I no longer need lamps at night I’m glad people are choosing to get a shot when they can.
  7. My dad died a little over a month ago from covid. I assure you he’d still be here today if he hadn’t caught it. I haven’t been able to stomach coming back here to just see more posts about how it’s not a big deal. So that’s where I’ve been. Consider me triggered.
  8. My dad’s been in the hospital all week with covid and is being moved to a different one today, but not before having to call around to find a hospital with capacity, because they want to make sure they can treat him if he gets worse so it’s a good thing the Dems are starting to admit it’s all a hoax and not that bad.
  9. Yes, she is. And most of that side of the family.
  10. Guess he’ll be have some new chapters to write for the paper book version of his book. Can’t wait to read how it’s actually a good idea to make seniors go through an online 50 question survey before being able to sign up for a vaccine.
  11. Wow, he has risen! Not sure how I missed that.
  12. I honestly don’t know. Don’t really care, tbh. My biggest concern is that if she dies and they sell the family farm I don’t have the capital to purchase it at this time so I can burn it down and piss on the ashes. Him and tilty...angels among us. And I agree 1000% on nuclear. Absolutely insane it’s not wildly accepted. Could have mitigated a lot of the issues, even though I know you don’t believe in man-made climate change, but even economically it makes sense. Just so dumb.
  13. Hey how are you liking the peloton?
  14. This feels like a Seinfeld episode, is my point.
  15. You could also just tell her “I don’t think this is going to work out” and not date someone you have to convince as an adult to go to the dentist. But like i said, I have no idea but I do want to know how this plays out, for better or worse.
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