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  1. He’s a podcast! You can’t say hi to podcasts?!
  2. Hey uncle Hankey I see you lurking. As prep for this new role I’ve been doing manager tools stuff. The main guy can be a little too rightwing for me sometimes but for the most part it’s been really helpful.
  3. Yeah, it’s a real mystery.
  4. I got a promotion(I had to interview against some external candidates) this week to manager of fp&a. Decent base raise + bonus eligibility. Thanks to brvy for taking a chance on me all those years ago and then even giving me an excellent reference that helped me get that first job. No telling where I’d be today without it.
  5. I remembered why Galena was familiar. A buddies girlfriend rented a house for his 30th bday. It was too warm to do any skiing though so we just ended up drinking at a dive bar downtown. Good time.
  6. Double post but I’ll use this to say I’m currently under a tornado watch. Perfectly normal and common for Minnesota in December.
  7. Please get a booster, Brvy. When I was in audit I had to go to Galena for a client. Or at least I’m pretty sure. It was Gelana, IL. I had a client in Beloit and one in Galena and I always get mixed up on which was in IL and which was in KS. Pretty sure Beloit was Kansas though. The horseshoe sandwhich is big in that area right? Also had a client in Palmyra, MO and some little town near Carthage, MO. We would stay in a holiday inn in Carthage. The Palmyra client was awful. The other MO client was slightly less awful. I mention those because I can’t remember if that’s where
  8. I got my booster when I was eligible. Went with the moderna (JJ originally) and got my flu shot at the same time. The next day my arm was a little sore and I felt like I was on the precipice of getting really sick but i was fine by noon. They probably just gave me saline.
  9. Oh, I’m already pawning them off to friends who bake. Most of them are already starting to brown. It’s too many bananas!
  10. Brvy I ordered groceries today and when I got them home I realized they gave me 6 bunches of bananas instead of just the 6 I ordered and it made me think of when you sent me to get bananas as sam’s club and I got like literally 3 when you wanted me to get 3 bunches and I had to go back.
  11. My three favorite beard moments from s01 - when they tell them it’s been 60 years since they won at Everton and he goes “Jesus Christ” - after the man city game when the new Nate tries to give Ted a bottle of water and he looks at beard and he has a “**** if I know” look on his face - “RONALD REAGAN?! THE ACTOR!?”
  12. Fun fact…the Xmas and coach beard at night episodes were filmed after the first 10 because apple ordered a 12 episode season after they already had them story lined out and maybe even in the can. Which is why they didn’t really advance the plot at all.
  13. Yes, coach beard is great and his response to the leak about ted’s panic attack was hilarious. He consistently makes me laugh. i also think Isaac is underrated. and I was shocked to see that the actor who plays the African billionaire played Richard in VEEP. His accent and lack of glasses really through me off. nate is such a little bitch. If it wasn’t for Ted he’d still be washing jocks and getting bullied by the players. He should be worshiping the ground Ted walks on. I hope Rupert ****s him over next season.
  14. It’s fine, I don’t look forward to my birthday post every year and seeing which celebrity’s you choose (since I’m into f1 now I was hoping for Kimi raikonnen) or anything.
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