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  1. Let's talk about a sandwich that isn't better than Subway: the meatball sub at Firehouse. Honestly, Firehouse isn't that bad as far as fast food goes. But their meatballs are basically Chef Boyardee-quality, and their sauce is slightly burnt and way too sugary. Horrible.
  2. Sounds like Slippin' Colby just upgraded from an Odyssey right into a proper X7.
  3. I will admit that Apple's hardware isn't up to the standards implied by what they charge, but it's about the lifestyle. If you're spending all your time jostling for position in some kind of hateful office politics, the last thing you want to do when you get home is dick around getting Linux to work the way you want.
  4. I don’t think they’d kill anyone, I just meant they’d probably get kind of fat and have bad skin.
  5. I would much rather deal with boys than girls. Boys socially absorb a default problem-solving style that relies primarily on violence and a threat of violence. I can help a boy solve his problems by throwing money and karate lessons at him, and maybe a helping or three of adderall. If I had to help a girl navigate the psychosexual political hierarchy of heteronormative friendships, the result would be a mashup of Mean Girls and Monster.
  6. Even if the doctor doesn't think you have low T, you'd 100% benefit from TRT. Everyone over 23 who identifies as male would. It would probably lower the quality of life for local women, but it will raise yours substantially, and that's what America is all about.
  7. I just learned that he's not related to Matthew Perry, for whatever that's worth.
  8. How about this: Vegas Flights. In the year 2050, in the last gasps of habitation on Earth, new planet assignments are broken down along class lines. Our scrappy orphan hero, Brayden "Chips" Higgins, dreams of winning an annual poker tounrament held by an unscrupulous casino/space travel tycoon, which grants upper-class citizenship on Planet Zazbonax to its lucky winner. But all is not as it seems, and matters are complicated when Chips finds love in the least likely of places...sitting across the table.
  9. I don't really understand the point of these lists that compare McDonald's with Umami Burger or something. I think it's just some kind of weird nostalgia trip for people old enough to remember a time back when Five Guys didn't exist and McD's still used beef tallow🔥🔥🔥🔥. McDonald's fries are objective disgusting, and Five Guy's is twice the price🔥🔥🔥🔥. I assume they feel obligated to legitimize themselves by adding the hussied-up millennial options to a list that also pretends that Wendy's fries are edible, so that they can seem populist without it just looking like a list of restaurants that ar
  10. Re: Keanu Reeves: Re: motorcycles: SA, have you looked into Arch motorcycles at all? I thought they were ugly the first time I saw one, but they are really growing on me.
  11. The trick is to pretend it's broken so you don't have to clean it again before closing.
  12. Is it even a hot take to say that John Wick is a better movie than the original Matrix?
  13. This is the same jux as last year, but I must have missed it that time. It's one of my favorites for some reason.
  14. I have a few suggestions: 1) I suspect an M2C is comfortably within your budget, and I think you can just walk in and buy them now. It's the most fun affordable car that a reasonable, childless person is actually going to want to drive every day, and the stock tune leaves a ton of power on the table if you want to modify something to race El-G or whatever. 2) Big truck. If you are having 1/3 life crisis or something and are looking at a bike or convertible to change your image, I think a big truck would be a much more believable new image for you. And in your part of the country, I ima
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