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  1. Nice. I imagine I'm way behind on a lot of big events. Hope you've all been well.
  2. Um, No. First, your sister is a dirt ball. I've worked in restaurants(of all kinds) for 14+ years and I can say I've seen something like that only once. And that was an extreme circumstance, with someone who pretty much sucked at life and who didn't last much longer past that move. Secondly, your sister is an idiot. Thirdly, I have some questions for you about ADQ. What's the best way to get ahold of ya?
  3. Why are you getting seafood from a steakhouse? Don't they have seafood joints in Rochester? Not trying to be funny..but we have a joint in town called 'The Big Steer' and it has a giant cow statue out front serving as it's special board.. and my wife says to me, "Everytime we go past that sign, all I can think about is how awesome the Walleye is."Just makes my eye twitch. Agreed. The theme is awful and cheesy but B-Bops burgers are pretty awesome, if you ask me.
  4. Did you get a kitchen gig? Sorry.. I fell off on the blog posts. Also.. Go America! Go Pack! Go Cubs!Go Hawkeyes! Go Seminoles!Emmit Smith's a sissy. NASCAR's not a sport. Canada's gayer than a bucket of dicks, still. Um.. things in Iowa are good. Beautiful weather. Been fishing a couple times this year but haven't caught anything worth reporting. Mom's got the titty cancer but we're gettin' her fixed up with some radiation, some chemo and some double E's or something. Things have been exceptionally crazy since the wedding..but good, in that way. Kids are getting big, so am I. Good job in a
  5. Sounds like you really enjoyed someone else's major disaster.
  6. There were also quite a few Packer fans voting for Hillis, at least according to the NFC North Blog on ESPN.com. Trying to avoid the curse and what not.
  7. He beat out Aaron Rodgers in the semis..so I don't know that we can play the race card so much as the hilarious-get-it-get-it-it's-funny-when-we-vote-for-him card.And I think the common cold would've probably beat Michael Vick in the finals, too.So, eh.. whatever.
  8. Admittedly platonic contact with said ex? No. Not at all. DUCY?
  9. I lie to my old lady at least a couple times a day. "I got home a little bit after midnight.""No, I don't care how much the photographer costs, it's your wedding." "Yeah, I paid the cable bill. This is our casino money.""Love you too."Seriously, though. I don't find the need to be able to say "I've never lied to you," rather, "I've never lied to you about anything important."
  10. He's probably lying to you about it because it's easier to lie to you about it(especially since it really is platonic) then it is to try and explain to you his reasons for still talking to her. If I had an ex that I cared for in any regard before we broke up and she had a terminal illness, I could see myself keeping up with her out of some kind of belief that I'd feel badly when she died and I hadn't talked to her or forgiven her for her indiscretion(s). I don't know if that makes sense or not.Probably more of a pity thing than a fallback plan. IMO, anyway.
  11. Basically, the way I was told when I decided to be a hero one day and challenge a speeding ticket..The cop is an expert witness. If he says that his radar clocked you going at X miles an hour and his radar system is up to code, certified and recieves the proper maintenance(documented), then you will be found guilty. They don't have to show you the radar and I've never heard of a cop taking it well when asked. I do know a guy who asked to see the radar and then was issued tickets for his cracked windshield, his license plate lamp being out and for 'faulty equipment' because his horn didn't work
  12. FWIW, I do. THAT'S THE DUTCH, SIR. Sincerely, Denmark
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