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    Screenwriting - Wrote a Vegas/poker themed screenplay entitled "Vegas Knights" that won a 1st place award at the Nevada Film Festival, an honorable mention at the Las Vegas Film Festival, and was a quarterfinalist at the huge Scriptapalooza contest. Script still available.

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  1. Hey Bob, I wonder if Daniel knows Magnes Carlsen is playing in the Main Event today (Tuesday).  Maybe he can interview him for the vlog, or let him hang out in his room there.

    1. FCP Bob

      FCP Bob

      I'm sure things are too busy and chaotic for him to try and find Magnes. 

  2. Well, I got some time so here's that info. Recently I was doing some spring cleaning when I came across a magazine page I had torn out of an old poker magazine over 20 years ago. The magazine probably was Card Player but I can’t tell for sure. The page includes a full page advertisement taken out by Larry Flynt, owner of Hustler Magazine and Hustler Casino. The page includes a photo of Flynt and a separate picture of Donald Trump holding 2 playing cards. Trump used to use that picture in his advetisements of his card tournaments. Remember this was 2001, when Trump was known as a cock
  3. Only 9 more days before it is revealed what famous person challenged another famous person to a big money poker match and wrote these words: "We both talk a good game, it's time now that we put up or shut up. I am throwing you the challenge. Are you man enough to meet it?"
  4. Wow, nice electric car, Daniel is doing his part to improve Vegas air quality.,, Wonder how much his little room bordering the poker area will cost per week.
  5. Leather Ass - One of the main skills needed to be a great limit low stakes poker player.
  6. Vegas Knights = a poker themed screenplay, or an abbreviation of the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team.
  7. The following comment was made by Mike "The Mouth" Matusow to another player at the 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event: "I've got big Cahonees. You've got tiny Cahonees."
  8. Here is a quote (paraphrasing) from old time gambler/poker player, Puggy Pearson: "You can beat up on a player and pound on him, and pound, and pound some more and he'll keep coming back if he thinks the game is honest, but if you cheat him out of a quarter he'll never play with you again." On a similar note, Amarillo Slim said: "You can shear a sheep many times but you can skin it only once."
  9. I'm not surprised that no one could answer the above trivia question, because the poker challenge mentioned occurred over 20 years ago... Some of you know that I wrote a poker themed screenplay. There is even a thread about it right here on Full Contact Poker. Here is the url to that thread: An Inside Peek At The Award Winning Poker Themed Screenplay “Vegas Knights" - General Poker Forum - FCP Poker Forum (fullcontactpoker.com) I bring up the script because the famous person who made the poker match challenge and actually wrote these words to the person he challenged- "We
  10. Trivia question: This comment/challenge wasn't made at the poker table but I've seen it in print. Both people involved are well known. One player challenged the other person to play a poker match for a considerable amount of money. Who was the famous person who challenged the other famous person to a heads up poker match and wrote this: "We both talk a good game, it's time now that we put up or shut up. I am throwing you the challenge. Are you man enough to meet it?" And for the record I'm not talking about the Doug Polk challenge or the Daniel challenge of Hellmuth. I'm re
  11. Doyle Brunson quotes from past High Stakes Poker shows: He called a huge reraise on 4th street with just a pair of Aces and a 10 kicker. Later, as a way to justify the call, he said: "When you don't make a pair for 8 hours, you go crazy." Comment he made to the other players after a very long time of being card dead: "I would kill if I could get two Jacks."
  12. No need to be nostalgic. Next year Daniel should park his RV at the Rio and take a 7 dollar 5 minute cab ride back and forth from Ballys during breaks. Also there will be no lines at the Rio's convienience stores and restaurants unlike what will probably be happening at Bally's. Why change a good thing. 😊
  13. "Bill Smith is the greatest player in the world after 2 beers, and one of the worse after 4. " I can't remember the exact quote but T J Cloutier (aka T J Cookier) said something similar to the above about former world champion Bill Smith who is now deceased. Cloutier also said Smith had great reading ability when he was halfway drunk.
  14. And then there's the poker term "bad beat". Here's a real bad bad beat!! Neil Peart Drum Solo - Rush Live in Frankfurt - YouTube
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