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  1. "Bill Smith is the greatest player in the world after 2 beers, and one of the worse after 4. " I can't remember the exact quote but T J Cloutier (aka T J Cookier) said something similar to the above about former world champion Bill Smith who is now deceased. Cloutier also said Smith had great reading ability when he was halfway drunk.
  2. For the record, if there are 30 people in a room, the probability that 2 people in the room have the same birthday is about 70%.
  3. Depends on how many players there are. Tournaments would be good for many players. Just a few players and cash games might be best. Also, you might take a math probability course if you get the chance. One interesting thing I learned in such a course is that if you have a class of 23 people there's a 50/50 chance that 2 people have the same birthday. So if the class had over 30 people it would be a great bet that 2 people in the class have the same birthday. Understanding the Birthday Paradox – BetterExplained
  4. And then there's the poker term "bad beat". Here's a real bad bad beat!! Neil Peart Drum Solo - Rush Live in Frankfurt - YouTube
  5. And then of course there’s the sayings: “ON A RUSH” and “PLAY THE RUSH” Yes, the almighty Rush; you know, that period of time within a session when the world revolves around you. The chips just keep coming your way, with you winning pot after pot after pot. True rushes don’t happen often but when they do there’s nothing like it. What’s even scarier to the other players at the table is a player who knows how to take full advantage of a rush. The rushee often become looser and more aggressive at just the time the other players are starting to tighten up as their stacks dwindle
  6. Hey Guys, enjoyed your comments on Noel Furlong who recently passed. Forgot all about his famous call against Huck Seed with Ace 3 suited. Huck couldn't believe it when Noel turned over his hand.
  7. Well the 4.3 billion Resorts World has finally opened (only took 7 years). The Trooper has said the poker room is nice and the chairs are comfortable. He said the poker tables are small though. He also said the room had about 80% regs but that's probably to be expected with the regulars checking out the new room in town. It will probably take a month or two before the true character of the room shows itself. As far as the property itself, the below video starting at the 1:23 mark probably does the best job of showing the essence of the interior. New Resorts World Las Vegas Grand
  8. "I've got the Nuts." Probably the worse phrase you will hear your opponent say at the poker table. Most of you know it means that they have the best possible hand. I've heard several players say the phrase a second or two before they show their hand at showdown. I don't know why they choose to say it. Maybe, if they are a player who bluffs a lot, it's to reinforce the idea in their opponents mind that yes sometimes even they wake up with a great hand.
  9. From the above linked article: "The DOJ’s decision to not pursue the Wire Act ruling anymore makes it clear that it has once again accepted its stance that the Wire Act applies only to sports betting and not all forms of gambling. The ruling also makes it clear that interstate poker agreements are no longer under threat and interstate poker operators will be able to function as usual."
  10. Looks like happy days could be here again as the Department of Justice refused to appeal a recent court decision regarding online gambling, thus allowing interstate online poker to occur legally. DOJ New Stance On Wire Act Makes Interstate Online Poker Fully Legal (legalgamblingandthelaw.com)
  11. Everybody loves to make a successful "Hero Call" (a call with a lousy hand because you think your opponent is bluffing) Probably the greatest hero call of all time was when Stu Ungar called a player in a big pot with just 10 high when he rightly figured the other player missed their draw to a low straight. Many times the player seriously considering a hero call will say something like "This might be the worse call ever" before acting. They're letting everyone know they think something is fishy in the hand and also they might be trying to get a read on their opponent.
  12. "I check blind." Usually said by a player in early position just before the dealer deals the flop. I guess the purpose is to try to discourage players in later positions from trying to steal the pot since you might have hit something on the flop, thus increasing the chances that you (with your bad position) will see the turn card for free. Phil Hellmuth does this a lot and I seem to remember Daniel doing this. Since some of the best players in the world do this, I'm surprised more players don't do it. Checking blind can also be done before the turn and river cards are dealt.
  13. How could we have forgotten one of the all time poker room cliches: "Show one, show all." This is usually said by a person at the table who takes the game very seriously, and can't bear the fact that they are being denied any spec of information that someone else has. This is of course is said after a player shows their hand to another player in a manner that not everyone can see; usually after the hand is over. I have a feeling some players do this just to annoy other players.
  14. Yeah, probably for most players, but I would think a Limit Holdem Dinosaur like yourself might have considered "Hold'em Poker" by Sklansky as being "the book".
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