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  1. Marc-O

    Name That Cat

    no pic avail...it's all black.. and 6 weeks old
  2. Marc-O

    Name That Cat

    So the gf started a new job at a farm and brought home a kitten and convinced me to keep it...so anyone got any good names.... preferably poker/cards related...
  3. Hijacked and Cappy.... it was a great discussion..... hope to have more soon...I havent been on FCP in a long time, and forgot that it's still a good strat forum and intelligent discussionsbtw... now wednesday... i think im developing an ulcer ... lol
  4. The replays of the final table of the sunday million?I honestly try to watch everyone..... I think it's a great learning tool in many cases of final table play.
  5. I think I know what you're asking.Quick Answer...In a Re-buy tournament...Real Answer... Im still thinking.Good food for thought.
  6. The first point is true. I take that back.The 2nd point however Im not sure? He invested just over 10% of his stack with his raise..... pot commiting? tight
  7. Hijacked.......... you pretty much summed up why I made the play right there........Cappy...... you make excelllllent points overall and to be honest, and not results biased..........If i could, i would go back and call the raise.......fold the flop......and probably won 159k ughhh still 2 days of work gone by and all ive thought about lol.Thanks for all the analysis guys....
  8. This is almost the MAIN reason I re-popped all in........ To Say "Look I have an absolute Monster, BACK OFF"...... becasue my re-shove of 75 000 more cripples him, and my intention is he would recognize this and fold......therefore I pick up approx 20,000 more + 7500 of the shortie......who by the way shoved A 7
  9. Maybe I did not clairfy that my first instinct was that he was making a move on me? and i felt his range was a small pair or weaker ace which is def a coin flip.... but since he was so solid, and I figured he had the same image on me, that he would see that my Re-Pop all in would mean that I am super strong....( AA, KK, QQ ) even though i was holding AK..... i wanted him to put me on AA, KK, QQ.... therefore fold and I would pick up a nice pot off of his raise preflop........as far as the comment "real poker is played after the flop".........i could argue this a number of points in this specif
  10. I now feel retarded, and should stick to 5 card draw
  11. I think if I analyized the situation a litte longer then what I had I would have ended up folding to the raise or just calling and folding on the flop. However I could not get out of my mind that if I could become the chip leader this hand and coast my way to the FT.
  12. Great responses guys.... thanks for the comments.It's almost 20 hrs later and Im still sick to my stomach to think I know HAD this thing final tabled for once. I know if I keep studying in this forum I'll get my break soon.
  13. Hey guys, long time since I posted.Yesterday I took a shot at the FT 750k. Got in through a satellite. Anyways, The first 2 hours were pretty uneventful, just kind of coasted my way through and tried to survive.Right when the money bubble broke I went on a sick run and ran my stack up to the top 20 in chips with about 500 people left.A little while later I get moved to the chip leaders table, and I told myself, "ok i dont want to get involved in to many pots here with him". Well that didnt happen.In the first case i had AA utg. I raise 3.5x ..... he calls....9 high flop.... he had 10 10...
  14. Can someone help me set this thing up? Ive done it before at my appt but now moved home and trying to set it up. I plugged everything in like I normally do and my laptop is picking up the signal and says it is excellent but I just can not connect.I am on my PC right now which is connected directly into the modem using a USB cable. Then I have an ethernet cable also attached to the modem going to the router. Ive used this router before so It is all configured and what not. Ive also tried going on that http"//192...... site that sets it up and still no luck.anyone ? anyone ? pleaseee
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