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A Confession

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Now that I have reached 5,000 posts on this account, I have achieved or surpassed all of my goals, and it is time to put this whole thing to rest. This will be the last post made on the Rose account; it is now officially retired. I can now reveal that the entire character of Rose is my creation. I am in fact your friendly neighborhood flying grover, vbnautilus. In this post I will detail the how’s and why’s of this whole project which will hopefully answer all the questions you have and bring some closure to what has been a truly wild adventure. How I did itJust over a year ago the idea to create a convincingly real, yet entirely fictional poster germinated in some conversations on IRC. I realized that if I did this, I would have to keep it a complete secret. There are only 2-3 people who knew of my identity as Rose. I now release those people from their pledge of silence. I also realized that I needed a very convincing backstory on this person, and so for that I turned to real life. Rose is actually based on an aunt of mine, who is a real person living in Ontario. The pictures you have seen are of my aunt Rose. She divorced my uncle about 10 years ago, but I have always thought she was an interesting person and decided to base this character on her. The family is still in touch with her, so I get updates from time to time on her life events and I was able to incorporate those into my story to gain some credibility. The corroborating newspaper articles about her were pretty convincing, and I used these several times when people began to question my veracity. She is a nurse in real life, but I changed the details a bit to make her a psych nurse so that my own expertise might come in handy from time to time. Before creating the FCP account, I created an AIM account in her name as well. The live conversations I had with people were perhaps the most difficult to maintain, but also the most rewarding aspect of this ruse. There were several times when some of you were talking to both of my personas at the same time, which was mind-bogglingly difficult to pull off, but utterly hilarious as well. The Facebook account and twitter were obvious details to add, but perhaps the biggest challenge was getting an online poker account that I could use for Rose. I really didn’t want to do anything illegal or jeopardize my real accounts in any way, so I was a bit stuck with this one for a while. However, when my wife decided she wanted to play a bit, I asked her to name the account rcgs59. She wasn’t too happy about the whole thing and was kind of wary of my whole Aunt Rose plan, but eventually she went along with it and ultimately played the poker version of Rose. It was in fact my wife who was staked into FTOPS last week, so I guess thanks to all of you for that. I helped her with a lot of the dialogue to get the style right, but the way we set it up she had quite a bit of leeway to say things so eventually she got pretty good at it, and almost never played without me in the room to help respond to things. Why I did itIt started out without much direction, mostly just to see if I could convince people that this person existed, but as it went on the interactions I had with people as Rose began to really fascinate me. The range of reactions people had to me, from real care and concern, to total contempt and disgust was like a window into people’s souls. For some reason how people respond to something that does not make sense to them is very revealing.

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Most epic thing ever...<--- Completely hoodwinked.

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Faaaaaaaaantastic. I'm enjoying the thought of all the people around here who have repeatedly gotten into it with "rose" over the past year, and how ridiculous they must feel. I can't remember if I'm on that list...I feel like I usually ignored her. Not because I knew it was a fake, just because I'm lazy and steer clear of new people.Anyways, nice job. Get your wife in here to take a bow.

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i was convinced it was a joke account and said whoever it was i would have sex with soooooooohow about that ftops refund
sex first
Your wife really sucks at nlhe
yeah but she's a pretty good actress eh?
If it is true then IQCrash must be in on it.
i'm going to let people reveal themselves, I won't out anybody who was in on it.
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