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  1. gg last night everyone lets shoot for an even bigger turnout next week. nice to play against people from here and that I know elsewhere kinda like the NEGO of old, except the host actually plays one.good heads up match figger, I had no idea what you had or where I was at 99% of the time
  2. Exactly. Don't ever want them staying in with marginal hands.
  3. LOL at this ****ing post. I never minded you or your posts before but really? All I did was play poker in college, yet I have tons of friends both online and in real life. I also have a job! What percentage of poker players do you actually think are social misfits that are scared to leave the basement like the guy in the movie Powder? I think you take this forum and your micro mtts too seriously.
  4. Don't think he will be able to get a loan.
  5. Just remove him saying 'weeeeeeeee' all together and he would be even better
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