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  1. I know you have a ton of pressure (probably more so from yourself) to do absolutely everything you can do but you've been more than fair for her. People who come at you the way she has don't deserve their own threads and constant repeat of answers so she gets more attention. I assume you're doing everything you can and really appreciated the podcast, I can't imagine many people who would have done the same. Sometimes it's never going to be enough for certain people who are more focused on debating and attacking rather than having a solid open discussion. Those people don't deserve any more of
  2. I've played on Stars for 10+ years. I can't remember one change that made me think poorly of the company. There have been numerous changes that have since the change in ownership. I don't believe it's a huge coincidence. Amaya has an obligation to its share holders to make sure that the steep price they paid was worth it. This wasn't true of the old stars since it was built from the ground up. I understand the position you are in but I think you are getting some false information.
  3. Can't really express my thoughts without offending anyone, so just glad it got vetoed.
  4. Do not put any money on there. They're calling in the "New Lock Poker" when it should be called "Kicked off every available network because we are broke and forced to be on our own" Theyll be closing their doors very soon
  5. Pilly, what were you trying to accomplish in making this deal? Why take what I assume was a decent amount of time out of your day to make a trade including one of the biggest names in fantasy football in a league that you clearly are out of the running in?
  6. Pretty easy veto in a one year league. Youre trading with a team that has ZERO incentive to improve its roster, receiving the #1 rated predraft player and giving up not much in return. Pretty absurd of both fo you
  7. Live a balanced life the other 10.5 months of the year. #yolo I'll prob play 23-25 events all holdem bc I'm a one trick pony.
  8. Akashenk, I can't tell if you're a joke account or not. I suspect that you are and for those reasons I'm not going to post a long winded answer as to why c/c is infinitely better than c/r.I have played MTTs for a living for almost 10 years now. I've gone broke a few times along the way and have been forced to look at every situation without ego, with an open mind and constantly being self aware.C/C here is by far the best play and not even close to any other option. The only time I could ever think about c/r is to induce a 3b jam by someone I have a very rare dynamic with, which basically mean
  9. Tbrick wins the first event.Figger with a strong second and LivesUnderBridge gets 3rd.GG everyone
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