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  1. Chance of him showing up w semibluff hands cant be zero, can it? And he has to have some bluffs, right?At best 35% I should say...
  2. Thanks everyone for all the answers.I have read the posts and thought about the hand since I first posted. Feel like check/call flop is allright, and I think I answer20 has a good point when he says that he might even fold the turn. The opponents were really straight forward and I was as I first wrote picking up "free money" alot of the time by just raising pre and betting small on the flop. 20 BBs is an OK stack to work with.I was really confused on the turn and I really didnt know what to do, But I will tell you my thought process and what I opted to do.I thought the chance of him betting a
  3. No, the turn I have to stick it in, even though his range of hands that fold CR on turn is very small. Only total air..
  4. Well, on the flop I felt like if I bet 4K and he makes it 10-12K, do I just get it in? (How often am I good in that spot?) Bet/Fold?? No way, right??I think I am good on the flop alot but if I get raised, I dont think I am ahead alot here, or am I wrong?thanks for answer btw
  5. Hi guys,New to tournament poker, and need your views on a hand that i felt I really misplayed. Have no idea how to copy paste from HH so here it goes.No stats avaliable cause I dont have PT or HM on this computer yet, all five players are pretty tight and straightforward and I have been picking up pots fairly easy last 30 min or so.Blinds: 600 - 1200Hero/donk/me: 30KButton: Just has me covered6-max table,We are in the money. Im on cutoff and its folded to me. AdTdHero: 2600Button: CallSB/BB: FoldsFlop: Ac 9d 7cHero: Check (Dont want to bet/call here, but check feels wrong for some reason)Butto
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