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    Business, Poker, Swimming, Judo, Karate, Travelling, Reading, Math, & Breathing. Qualified into: WPT Cyprus 2009 (50% no $), WPT Paris 2011 (25th = $23,400), WPT Prague 2011 (53% no $), & WPT Prague 2013 (56% no $), WPT Milton Keynes 2013 (60% no $), & WPT UK London (40% no $), & WPT 500 Aria Las Vegas coming up.
  1. Deserved and the product of the hard work put in, no question. When you walk the talk and put the effort in … you win even when you lose in the short term. Congratulations!
  2. Great thread ... RIP and yes, you are kind of a big deal. Thank you for the community.
  3. So Colemen hits a three-outer to save his skin. I am here in Vancouver waiting for DN to whip his opponent with chains and win.
  4. No deal is completely in line with Daniel's basic philosophy and also from the poker spectator's point of view ... playing for about $7,000,000 is going to do a lot of good for poker generally, especially if Daniel wins. Daniel's business manager is probably having kittens right now thinking about what he could do if DN bags the BOFOD
  5. It is Canada Day (July 1st) so Daniel winning this would be a LOT of positives all over the place. He clearly has the war axe out since he has been doing a lot (read most) of the eliminating. Add to that he is also getting hands (the flopped flush comes to mind ... ) it looks really, really good. It is also bracelet number 7 although we can predict a Phil Helmuth argument that it "isn't a real bracelet" ... it is.
  6. Thanks for posting info from the WPT National UK London 2014 that I qualified three times for via PartyPoker. I didn't start a separate "flintsword Qualified for the WPT UK London thread" because it is starting to look like a brag post (really) but the fact of the matter I qualified via the $1.65 ReBuy qualifiers and bagged three (3) 210 pound entries for about $40 :D As Rose posted above, Day 1A I was jet-lagged (great excuse ) ... and Day 1B I was playing the part of the "old tight guy" grrrrr ... so no chips for this FCP. On Day 1C after a few doppio espresso & an Italian chicken
  7. Well, Day 2 is about to start. The WPT is accepting entries today so I do not have final numbers for the WPT Prague yet. Day 1A had 40 players, Day 1B had 73, and Day 1C had 92 making a total of 205 players entered so far. The seat draws for Day 2 are set and 20 tables are ready to go. I am on table 12, Seat 1. Blinds are 400/800 antes 100. 12 1 Yves Farges 14,000 12 2 Maxim Lykov 36,400 12 3 Lasell King 89,100 12 4 Eddy Maksoud 51,000 12 5 Ognjen Sekularac 40,400 12 6 Salvatore Bonavena 29,400 12
  8. Late in Day 1B of the WPT Prague 2013 I had built up my stack from 30K to about 39K and the seat on my left, next to me, was taken up by Jason Duval (WSOP bracelet 2013) who was a little short stacked with about 20K ... but not for long since he finished as chip leader with 152K+ by the end of the day. 30K of that came from me in what I found to be a fascinating hand. Jason Duval quickly proved that any two cards were good enough, winning pots with small suited connectors and gapped cards. As pointed out by a few friends, I was clearly giving this guy too much respect. Then comes the h
  9. It is dinner break after six hours of fun play on a table that just got tougher as the loose guys are swept away. I have Jason Duval (WSOP bracelet, etc) to my left committed to ensuring that I have a real hand to win a pot. I have an about average stack of 33,000. After releasing a pot where I had top pair top kicker due to serious action from Duval, I noticed he has a real love of suited cards such as 43s, 98s, etc ... willing to bet all the way to the river chasing runner runner to turn a second pair into a flush. Sick but I was not the guy scalped by his 98s that time. The table is
  10. Walked over to the casino, a clean looks to be well-run establishment called Card Casino Prague and the registration was quick and fast. I met veteran expert poker blogger extraordinaire Christian Zetzsche there and spectated Day 1A of the WPT Prague. There is a Day 1B and a Day 1C. I will play Day 1B. Some good laughs when Christian mentioned to me that Christmas had come early to the WPT Day 1A when a WPT player went all in with AA and got CALLED by 9 5 suited. The Aces held up and someone dryly remarked to me that the Aces holding up was the true Christmas Miracle . Here is the of
  11. Well, I am here in Prague for the World Poker Tour Prague 2013. Long trip but the new hotel (Andel's Hotel) is downtown, a stone's throw from the Charles Bridge and Prague castle. It is a full festival in a smaller but cool casino two blocks away. The lighting is excellent and organization looks good. I am playing on Day 1B tomorrow. Still a little jet-lagged today but there are a bunch of (1 rebuy and 1 add on) satellites for the WPT Prague for 100 euros which I might enjoy at 3 pm. No name players yet but I have a friend in the media area so I can get the scoop on who's hot & who
  12. Thanks Bob ... I got six days to play tourist during the WPT Prague 2011 since I got turfed 15 minutes prior to the end of day 1 and loved the city. Looking forward to the poker mainly, particularly dealing differently with the 3-bet artists from Eastern Europe that caused me a lot of operational problems in 2011. The beer is amazing and it looks like I will be seeing some friends there. Everyone seems happy to hear I qualified, except one friend (cough, cough ...) that took the time to email me *Just goes to show that a donkey can get struck by lightning multiple times* ... there is
  13. While the God of Poker (our fearless leader DN ...) wins the WSOP Europe High Roller & get a (totally deserved) 2nd POY for the WSOP, the rest of us poker foot soldiers have to do the best we can. Last Sunday I won a seat in the WPT Prague in December by besting 63 players to grab one of three $6,100 seats, so I am going. After my cash in the WPT Paris 2011 I pulled off another qualification to the WPT Prague 2011 where I got handed my head by any number of hyper-aggressive eastern European players, scoring 50% in the tournament. I get to go back to that great city and try aga
  14. I saw the live stream from beginning to end. OMG ... talk about going from zero-to-hero. POY for the WSOP was the goal, sure, but that done, every one of the players at that table appeared to be on the menu for DN. Thoroughly entertaining and I hope that they make the live stream public at least to this site because this is definitely worth seeing again. Congrats.
  15. Congratulations for winning the WSOP Asia Pacific !! :icon_smile: with 2 2 no less
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