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  1. gg last night everyone lets shoot for an even bigger turnout next week. nice to play against people from here and that I know elsewhere kinda like the NEGO of old, except the host actually plays one.good heads up match figger, I had no idea what you had or where I was at 99% of the time
  2. Exactly. Don't ever want them staying in with marginal hands.
  3. LOL at this ****ing post. I never minded you or your posts before but really? All I did was play poker in college, yet I have tons of friends both online and in real life. I also have a job! What percentage of poker players do you actually think are social misfits that are scared to leave the basement like the guy in the movie Powder? I think you take this forum and your micro mtts too seriously.
  4. Don't think he will be able to get a loan.
  5. Just remove him saying 'weeeeeeeee' all together and he would be even better
  6. rose there is a pack of ravenous 4bb porn watchers who need some entertainment, we need your nudes now more than ever
  7. I got AQ in three ways last night vs QTs and TT. The dealer accidentally mucked the QT and even after seeing our cards the guy went batshit insane to get them to pull it out of the muck, obv they were going to do it regardless but he threw a complete tantrum. Naturally he made a flush too.I realize this adds nothing to your thread.
  8. Politico article on getting legislation through supercommittee
  9. what comes first? nego prizes or ftp money? or neither?
  10. Ah I didn't see that one. I mean most ppl troll on here nowadays, myself included, but that shouldn't get in the way of civil conversations either
  11. I don't think he was trying to be condescending when he asked where you got your facts.Any discussion is good even when people are disagreeing with you, keep it coming.
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