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  1. I've only read about three quarters of the book and this doesn't seem true since she never charged anything for the games she and her staff totally worked on tips Her enmity towards Toby seemed to be his bringing his own shuffler and charging for it and his zeal to fleece every dime from these high rollers - his ruthlessness towards the games
  2. There's no live coverage of this - no pod cast audio? nothing? sigh
  3. That was actually his argument in the article - with his distributions he was paring down his debt and with the current pre black friday value of his FTP shares he was fine - - what happened after that he clearly needs to be held responsible for Most gambling addicts tho aren't going to say i owe two mil - i need to stop gambling - they will say I'll keep gambling til i'm cut off or above water When I was at the 2007 WSOP i asked the valet there who the best tipper was and he said Lindgren tipped 100 in and out every day - I understand that a lot of pros argued that they'd rather lend
  4. actually if you're house is underwater - you just give it back to the bank - that's how collateral works not that EL had any kind of collateral deal with his FTP shares but if people gave him credit because - hey he has 3% of full tilt - they made a bad decision too doesn't clear EL just saying still sounds like Bob was trying to shear EL but wound up sort of skinning him instead - as amarillo slim would say
  5. He was down 10 mill all that time he was on TV etc? It actually sounds like he was sort of solvent before Black Friday - compared to whenever So is Bob at all a leech for sucking in a degenerate sports gambler and taking the other side - if you are a bookie and you have someone losing tons of money and you never check whether they are good for it and keep taking their action at what point does it become partly your fault? If I lose ten mil and can't pay and you let me lose 100 mil - aren't you at some point a moron? If you are giving me credit based on my ownership of a company
  6. Tube Plus is down - if this is permanent i may end it all
  7. what do you get if you win player of the year? didn't Daniel win an SUV or something?
  8. no final table watching thread - sad - i miss the good old days - 6 bet shove with KQ off and instacall w AKs insanity for a gazillion big blinds - sick
  9. Lederer clearly isn't playing to win money - he's lonely and wants to feel included in the poker world - so even if you take his money you are giving him what he wants - if you want to make a moral stand about not playing poker with evil dudes then you have to put pressure on his so called buddies My guess is that Doyle Slim etc would have played with Adolf Hitler back in the day if they had a significant edge So do you believe that poker is a social activity in which money changes hands due to both luck and skill or do you believe that it is an out and out war to make money with no so
  10. Its a table game it's like flipping coins - it's all luck you can't figure out how to beat it - you can however get on a big roll and win a lot of money esp if you are a degenerate gambler with a lot of money It is however one of the easiest games for a dealer to get paid off (if he's a mechanic) and set the shoe for a big winner from what I understand
  11. She's always been a limit player - is still the only woman playing the big game where ever it is now - she's not a tourney player or a no limit player and has never really claimed to be When Andy Beal had their backs to the wall and she was in the hospital for her kidney's she still wanted to push her roll to take him on Plus she married a hairdresser and he was soon cashing in WSOP tourney's like he was born into it when he had never played a bit - she must have something to teach Plus in 2007 I went up to her and said "I believed that you had it in Lucky You when you bluffed" and
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