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  1. You'd love it, there's incestuous sexual abuse of a minor. That's gotta be like your ultimate fetish.
  2. I moved recently and there's a pretty rad comic book shop right near me. I went in again today and found a hardcover of One Bad Rat (I asked if they had any Bryan Talbot). The shop owner was like, "I think it's signed," then he flipped through the first few pages and was like "Sorry, I guess it's not signed." But it was $25 which is totally reasonable since it's in great condition, crisp pages, bright colors, etc, so I got it. Took it home, and it's totally signed. Not that that adds a whole lot of value or whatever (it's signed "Bryan Talbot, 900/1000"). So he signed 999 other copies t
  3. So, behind only Babe Ruth? I'm assuming we all agree that Ruth is the best all-around player ever. If you have somebody other than Ruth though I'd love to explain why you're wrong. But it's also really motherfucking hard to be a better all-around player than Willie Mays over a lengthy career. Do we all have Willie Mays 2nd? It has to be him or Barry Bonds and it's a little bit easy to argue against Bonds. Ted Williams is the 2nd best hitter ever (behind Ruth...although Williams can also make an argument for #1), but he wasn't great at anything other than hitting. I mean, Trou
  4. He's also gonna kill the red witch, or try to, for sacrificing the girl.
  5. So I saw Birdman awhile ago. Yeah. Wow. I watched the Oscars so I knew a little about the movie but didn't know too much, and had managed not to hear that it's a motherfucking ONE HUNDRED MINUTE LONG SHOT WITH NO CUTS or whatever the length was until it finally cuts. That was honestly what blew me away the most. Hitchcock's Rope was a movie I saw as a kid and was probably the first time I thought about cuts and how movies are put together. He had to cut every ten minutes or so cuz that was as much film as a camera could hold, but they're nearly all hidden cuts. They're pretty obvi
  6. Sox are getting murdered tonight but off to a good start. Xander Bogaerts is off to a great start, Mookie Betts is playing really well (his batting average sucks but it's a tiny sample and he's been crushing the ball right at people), Hanley Ramirez is killing it, and Clay Buchholz pitched 7 shutout innings on opening day and then gave up 7 runs in the first inning tonight. Fuckin Buchholz. Really hoping Blake Swihart gets called up soon and they're just holding him back a couple weeks in AAA because of the whole 'extra year of team control' thing like with Kris Bryant. He's the top c
  7. Huh. I haven't seen Birdman yet but I've been looking forward to it. Now I'm a bit more excited. Inherent Vice still got a heavy snub though. It easily could (should) have been nominated for best picture, since they enlarged that category and it can now include up to 10 nominees. Shoulda been nominated for director too, certainly over The Imitation Game. "Fun" Fact: PT Anderson has never won an Oscar. Really. - He was nominated for original screenplay for Boogie Nights but lost to Good Will Hunting. - He was nominated for original screenplay for Magnolia but los
  8. Inherent Vice is pretty easily the best 2014 movie I've seen. I haven't seen a lot of the nominated movies, but it's lame that PT didn't get more love for it from the academy. He did write the screenplay and is nominated for adapted screenplay but probably won't win, and that's its only nomination other than costume design. It was leaps and bounds better than The Imitation Game, which is nominated in most of the major categories but which I thought was pretty disappointing. I love me some Cumberbatch but the film just wasn't great.
  9. Honestly that was one of the best game's I've ever seen. Instant classic. I wasn't even rooting that hard for the Royals. I definitely like them but I also like the A's, mostly because Jon Lester. I was rooting pretty hard for the Royals when they fell way behind though, cuz who doesn't love a crazy comeback. Good luck with the Angels, they're really good but boring as hell and I have zero interest in seeing them in the WS. Oh and Dyson stealing third base was some Dave Roberts 2004 ALCS shit. If he's out, the Royals season is almost certainly over. Helluva game.
  10. I thought Amy Adams was pretty good, Renner was pretty good, Cooper was likeable, Bale was great, JLaw stole every scene she was in. Like I said the plot was a minor letdown but it was still pretty riveting because it was so well put together and well acted and sometimes funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk8CMTTDci0
  11. I looked him up because, yeah, the last thing I know he was in was We Bought A Fucking Zoo. He apparently had a role in the latest Terry Gilliam movie, The Zero Theorem starring Christopher Waltz, which I'm really looking forward to watching. Anyway, the point of this post is to say that he's also gonna be starring in The Martian by Ridley Scott, coming out next year. I recently read the book, and it's really really good. Very highly recommended. It's a pretty funny and exciting science fiction book, more science than fiction. "The Martian" isn't an alien but a human in the near future
  12. I saw it recently and I liked it a lot. I didn't totally love it, but I thought it was very good. The characters were interesting, and the acting was pretty fantastic. Also Louis CK shows up out of nowhere. And Robert freakin De Niro. It was funny, cool, intriguing, etc. The plot left me wanting more though. It wasn't as interesting as it should have been.
  13. Under the Skin. It definitely wasn't awful, but I also definitely didn't watch it all in one sitting. Scarjo gets super naked in it a few times, which is nice. There were some pretty amazing scenes where she is fully clothed too. Also some of the creepiest shit I've ever seen. I went into it knowing it was basically an art film and that it would be slow, so I wasn't thrown by that. I also knew it would be a little creepy, but goddam, it is extremely creepy. People complain that there's no plot or whatever but, objectively, there is, and it's not that subtle or anything. It'
  14. That shot was absolutely epic. The only show I've seen that's done anything even close to that is The West Wing, which I don't think you've watched and I don't know if you'd like. Anyway, they never did one as amazing as the one on True Detective, but they used lengthy complicated shots multiple times per episode, and it really added to the busy and exciting atmosphere of the show. There's one I remember where the camera eventually ends up on a crane which was pretty stunning but I can't seem to find it on youtube, but these are some good examples.
  15. Larry Kramer is one of about 10-12 main characters in the book. Whatever else he might be, he was also one of the first people anywhere in the world to recognize how incredibly serious the outbreak of gay pneumonia might be, and to tell anyone who would listen. Like, when a lot of researchers still thought/hoped it was a bad batch of drugs, he was telling gay men to stop having sex. I'll have to watch that movie after I finish the book.
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