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  1. Confirmed. oh well, this season is awesome even without a sweat.
  2. Gotcha, thanks. Yeah that’s what I was thinking.
  3. Is a Chinese auction like Lodden thinks?
  4. If it’s not too late I’ll be in. Haven’t watched the premiere yet or know who got booted. I’ll take whatever team is available
  5. Congrats Danny! Nope, we are done at 3.
  6. Might as well announce it here in the baby thread. Just had our third baby this morning. Born at 8:00 on 8/8. That’s lucky right Wayne?
  7. You don’t think The implication that they are not “from” the USA, despite being born there, is blatantly racist?
  8. Theory: the racist tweets are a diversion from the census issue where he is defying the Supreme Court decision on the immigration question. He knows the backlash from the racism will blow over
  9. John Wick 3 John Wick Kills Boban Marjanovic with a hard cover book in a library about ten minutes into this and it barely cracks the top 10 best scenes in the movie. I love John Wick and I hope they keep making them forever.
  10. His Dark Materials on HBO looks pretttay pretttay good.
  11. Decent season. Bad finale, bad winner. Devens was the only deserving winner in the final 4
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