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  1. Also, I was looking in the thread for something old and came across ask Josh day. Something that caught my eye while digging around...Link to post... Some things change...Link to another post But me being right hasn't
  2. HiAlan, Y U no on IM lately?Bye
  3. To be fair, Marcus's target audience probably doesn't exactly watch this show, same with Astro.
  4. The first few episodes of this season were done by one group of writers and show runners and then it was taken over by a different team once darabont was off the show. They have gradually improved through the mid season finale, so I'm cutting them slack. They aren't sticking very close to the source material, but the biggest problem with the show is everyone seems to have a misconception over what the show is about. It's not a show about zombies, it's about people dealing with their lives falling apart after an apocalyptic event (just happens to be zombies). The "walking dead" actually ref
  5. Congrats Iowa on scoring a garbage time td to avoid a shutout
  6. You're an Iowa fan?? Even better... Huskers will crush them next week.
  7. You haven't tried enough types of vodka, I only get grey goose when I can't find better brands like Effin. Pretty sure by bottle of grey goose in the house hasn't been touched for 2 years.
  8. I don't get you guys saying the players have no leverage. No players means no games means no revenue at all for the owners. No one is paying to watch the owners play, that's more than enough leverage. All the owners would be sitting on hundred million dollar investments that are worthless without players.
  9. Might be cheaper to get them to trade Peyton than Luck.
  10. I like that this show seems to have more talent in the top ten than other similar shows.Completely shocked by how good Astro is turning out to be. I thought he was gimmicky at first, and I don't think he can win, but some label is going to pick him up and if they do things right he can be a star.
  11. I have no idea who the best team is. Injuries to Philly, Dallas and NY are sure making the Redskins look decent.
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