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  1. v important to observe those ny resolutions
  2. well, I think I have to read more about this story now.
  3. um, yeah, clear history is under privacy in chrome. awkward.
  4. this story is bizarre. I only read the Wikipedia entry.
  5. I really miss having the mobile forum on my iPhone. fat fingering "view full site" was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made in my life.
  6. I had a delicious steak for dinner tonight. a DQPC last night.
  7. brv is a kickass reference. he's like me but useful.
  8. they knew what he was doing, they just didn't fully grasp the risk in it. it was thought to be hedged. I think the actual dollar loss from the trader will be overshadowed by the profits they'll lose to increased regulatory oversight, etc. etc. people had a field day with this one because of what the CEO had said previously about his risk management skills.
  9. I never had any success with it, but I was still applying to trading stuff (e.g. not a chance in hell either way) at the time. not being local is just another potential reason to get rejected.the hiring process seems completely, totally arbitrary. which is a little comical/sad considering how much effort HR departments put into it. my coworker/quasi-manager does a good portion of the in-person interviews for SS. she described the questions they judge people on, and I mean, it's not as idiotic as the fermi questions et al the big boys put you through, but it's just as irrelevant to the work
  10. I guarantee there was TONS of oversight on that guy, but as pirrong was quoted saying in some AP articles, hedges don't always work the way they should in the short-term. you simply don't trade potentially headline-making volume without your boss, your boss's boss, and maybe another rank up looking at what you're doing.
  11. have you tried using an address in that city?
  12. I guess I missed out on some finance listings for government jobs here in town. they start you at like 32k with insane benefits (free school, top notch healthcare--a bunch of stuff congressmen gave themselves that has to trickle down) and quickly move you up. every time I check usajobs.gov, it's never anything relevant, and I've never seen anything my reference raves about when I see her at the greenhouse. so I just gave her my email and was like hey, please tell me when you see these mythical jobs listed.
  13. did I mention I got my first paycheck finally? between kansas and missouri I paid over 20% of my net. I'm not even making $30/yr. hope they spend it wisely.
  14. I'm employed through a child company of RH right now. kind of re-thinking my interest in finance at the moment, to be honest.
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