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  1. v important to observe those ny resolutions
  2. well, I think I have to read more about this story now.
  3. um, yeah, clear history is under privacy in chrome. awkward.
  4. this story is bizarre. I only read the Wikipedia entry.
  5. I really miss having the mobile forum on my iPhone. fat fingering "view full site" was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made in my life.
  6. I had a delicious steak for dinner tonight. a DQPC last night.
  7. brv is a kickass reference. he's like me but useful.
  8. they knew what he was doing, they just didn't fully grasp the risk in it. it was thought to be hedged. I think the actual dollar loss from the trader will be overshadowed by the profits they'll lose to increased regulatory oversight, etc. etc. people had a field day with this one because of what the CEO had said previously about his risk management skills.
  9. I never had any success with it, but I was still applying to trading stuff (e.g. not a chance in hell either way) at the time. not being local is just another potential reason to get rejected.the hiring process seems completely, totally arbitrary. which is a little comical/sad considering how much effort HR departments put into it. my coworker/quasi-manager does a good portion of the in-person interviews for SS. she described the questions they judge people on, and I mean, it's not as idiotic as the fermi questions et al the big boys put you through, but it's just as irrelevant to the work
  10. I guarantee there was TONS of oversight on that guy, but as pirrong was quoted saying in some AP articles, hedges don't always work the way they should in the short-term. you simply don't trade potentially headline-making volume without your boss, your boss's boss, and maybe another rank up looking at what you're doing.
  11. have you tried using an address in that city?
  12. I guess I missed out on some finance listings for government jobs here in town. they start you at like 32k with insane benefits (free school, top notch healthcare--a bunch of stuff congressmen gave themselves that has to trickle down) and quickly move you up. every time I check usajobs.gov, it's never anything relevant, and I've never seen anything my reference raves about when I see her at the greenhouse. so I just gave her my email and was like hey, please tell me when you see these mythical jobs listed.
  13. did I mention I got my first paycheck finally? between kansas and missouri I paid over 20% of my net. I'm not even making $30/yr. hope they spend it wisely.
  14. I'm employed through a child company of RH right now. kind of re-thinking my interest in finance at the moment, to be honest.
  15. yeah, I was definitely ridiculing ron paul's side of things, at least for that portion of the discussion. at the very least, his ideas suffer from the "how do we get from here to there" problem, and it's just absurd to hear him say stuff like, "let's try it my way [on radically reducing tax revenue and expenditures], and if I'm wrong, who cares?" I just don't think he's winning people over with the way he handled the appearance.
  16. curiously, hodor was perfectly cast in every way.
  17. yeah she's supposed to be like 13lots of characters in the show are supposed to be like 14-15 and look a good decade older
  18. frowntown is somewhere between 6 and 7I stopped following finance stuff after I quit my job, doubt I'll have time to pick it up again in my new one. so this was all pretty surprising to me.
  19. I don't have to move or do any of that if I don't want to. the options are to be poor in KC or drive 1.5 hours per day. if I were to move and not get re-upped with this bank, I would almost certainly find something else in short order. between the three agencies that are/were looking for stuff for me to do, I was getting 2-3 calls per week about placement opportunities.I regret posting hodor because randy spoiled the fuck out of these books I'm reading.
  20. probably the best player in the world in this game I played, he's 16 with a full fucking beard. I can probably grow a beard now. it might be a little on the patchy side and it would take forever, but I could probably do it. at 16, no, never. would I trade my experience for his? no, I rather enjoyed not having to shave very often for the last decade. I wish I could turn it off. I don't ever see myself having facial hair.
  21. inflation inflicts mild pain on certain groups of people. deflation in the context of 2008 means the collapse of modern finance, far-reaching government intervention everywhere, and a grinding halt to economic activity. the fear over that kind of deflation is what brought the financial markets to a standstill, brought on all the job losses, etc. etc.if I could rewind time and call the shots, I'd save lehman and find a completely new group to run it. the fact that they were so ridiculously fraudulent in their accounting is one of the major reasons why they weren't saved, but we didn't realiz
  22. inflation hawks: storied history of being wrong for years on end, yet still writing snide articlesI saw her speak at KU in early 07. she seemed to know what she was talking about with the subprime mortgage issue. turned out not to be the case.
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