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  1. I'd still like to find a better angle of the Nash hit on Daley but it doesn't look great either... https://www.nhl.com/...2844/c-43612603 Edit: 8766 posts...Lets go pens!
  2. Yes...why does he do that but still says Chris Kunitz? I think Letang got lucky but can't say I was surprised...I applaud the NHL department of player safety for trying to be transparent but god they are far from respectable.
  3. I may even change my view on it. To blame the Moore hit causing the slash I would have liked to see Letang use his right arm to try to pull away from the slash and it look like he did the opposite. I don't know if I could be upset with 1 game suspension. Anything more would be pushing it though. (FYI I'm using Bellemare as the barometer) I haven't found video but in real time the Nash hit on Daley looked like a charge. I read somewhere saying Nash left hit feet who knows.
  4. Hi folks, it's been awhile. So I can't seem to escape this Letang play and thought I might find some meaningful discussion here. Any chance that Letang's stick was a pinned against the boards from the Moore hit and the slash was caused by that? It's still a penalty (need to be in control of your stick) but I don't think it's suspension worthy. Anyway I'm actually kinda optimistic about this team. I've been watching all year and this is certainly a team that's vastly different since Sullivan took over. Rutherford deserves some credit for getting Hagelin and Daley. (what
  5. It's #TBT and here's current @mnwild goaltender Devan Dubnyk from his first AHL win with the Pens - Feb. 3, 2007 Didn't realize that Devan played for the baby pens. (Though it was only 4 games) I guess the Oilers didn't have an AHL team in 06/07 and had some deal with the baby pens.
  6. He's gotta show up on the score sheet somehow. This team has some major problems are it's all starting with 87 and 71 at this point. Without MAF they would be on the outside looking in at a playoff spot. This was the best thing I read today... http://www.sportingnews.com/nhl/story/2015-02-20/phil-bourque-rant-penguins-slump-sidney-crosby-evgeni-malkin You can hear Bourque's "rant" at the 25 minute mark of 2/19/15 Penguins hotline. http://penguins.nhl.com/club/podcastbrowser.htm#
  7. Word is that he's bigger and faster than Goc and he's a good faceoff guy and pk'r. Seems like an upgrade to me. He brings a bit of an edge and the sense around here is that the penguins have had enough with trying to change the standard by which the NHL has on goonery. If you can't beat em, join em. Personally I like to see the most skillful game I can and the hacks that do nothing but take runs out there should find another league. Downie has that edge but has skill. Lapierre apparently has reformed his game a bit under Ken Hitchcock but I'm sure that edge can return quickly. Bott
  8. All Star games are dumb in all sports. They used to be special before TV allowed us to see all these players anytime we want. With that gone all we get is a basterdized version of the game. Hockey's isn't the worst of the major sports but it's not good. Crosby's injured enough to get an injection to help with an injury he's been dealing with for a couple weeks. I don't remember the details of each year missing but this was the closest one to being a controversy. I'd be completely fine with no penguins participating. Anyone remember a goalie being interviewed during play and pulled a groin
  9. My 10 year was on Dec. 31st. Haven't gotten the steak knives yet but I'm sure they'll be here soon. In other news I'll be at the Pens-Bruins game tonight. Maybe I'll even yell some vulgar at Marchand.
  10. Not going to take much for him to be the best #39 in Pens history. 39 Mike Needham (1993-1994) Joel Bouchard (2003) Jon Sim (2004) Chris Minard (2008) Luca Caputi (2010) Brad Thiessen (2012) Harry Zolnierczyk (2014)
  11. David PerronVerified account ‏@DP_57 With #57 taken, I'm going back old school to when I played for Lewiston and wore #39! Can't wait for the new chapter to start
  12. That was going to be my question as well. According to http://www.hockey-re...IT/numbers.html no penguin has ever worn 75.
  13. I think it's bigger than the medical staff at this point as management seems be lacking credibility. Here's a good article from last week which spells it out pretty well. http://blogs.post-gazette.com/sports/2013-06-20-18-51-15/empty-netters/43123-penguins-credibility-in-question-12-14-14 Since this article it's been rumored that Maata (who now also has the mumps) reinjured his shoulder which was surgically repaired in the offseason. The original timeline annouced for him to return wasn't until mid November but he started the season. As an isolated incident it can be dismissed but I think
  14. I think Bylsma did exactly that and he got an extra year which in turn helped Ray Shero get fired. A big difference between the two is that the Pens spent to the cap while the Sens are last in the league. Per Karlsson, can you really blame him if the team isn't going to the try to win? I don't know all their financial details but if you were a potential NHL superstar would you want to play for a team at the cap floor?
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