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  1. I have watched 4 seconds of the NBA this year and I watched the reply like 25 times yesterday.
  2. I finally got my cards from my parent's house this weekend. I will get a picture of the Lemieux rookie OPC card I have soon. I am interested to go through them to see what else is in there. Not that I think there is a ton of money, just haven't looked at them in 20+ years.
  3. Big discussion on Spittin' Chiclets about this. Matthews at 18:48 vs Hyman at 18:15 in a game 7 is a joke to me.
  4. Weeeeeeeeell, that was an interesting game....
  5. I have been craaaaaaaaaving In N Out for months. It's been almost 2 years since I have had it and I feel like a friend on facebook every week is having it.
  6. We are now 7-2-1 with a goal differential of +6. We had our best game of the year, followed by 2 terrible games. I am playing and feeling better each game but definitely need to do more than skate once a week to get in shape. We have 3 lines every game and I need every bit of the rest.
  7. No idea. I tried to find it online with no luck.
  8. I have a 32 year old and a 72 year old on my team. Yes, 72. I would guess he is the oldest guy in the league by at least 10 years, maybe more. I would say the average age is 40 years old and 15 years of playing. Just guessing, all of the teams have 4-5 guys that have been playing for 20+ years and all of the team have 2-3 guys that have been playing for <5 years. The rest of them somewhere in between.
  9. My team is 4-0-1 with a goal differential of +5. 4 outta 5 games have gone to OT. Nice and balanced league, which is how it is designed being a draft league. Actually works out!
  10. My 4th game back, I tweeked the groin a bit. I blame you.
  11. Friday's game was fun. I played with Tyler Kennedy most of the game. He's a good guy, joking and chirping the whole game. In warm ups, he asked how I liked my stick because I got one from a local company that buys them from China and puts their wraps on them. I said "Want to try it? We probably use the same size stick." He is listed as 5'11" but he's probably 5'9...5'10 tops. Same exact size. Rupp was on the other team and we matched up against his line most of the game. He's listed as 6'5" and he's every bit of it. I would have guessed 6'6" without looking it up. Both mostly
  12. I played my first real game on Tuesday night....at 10:40pm of course. I was good for a burst per shift, but mostly glided around thinking about how out of shape I am. I scored a goal, drew 5 penalties, and we tied 4-4. I am playing in a construction industry networking game this afternoon. Mike Rupp and Tyler Kennedy are the guest players. I think there are 4 lines so that'll be perfect for me (see above).
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