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  1. that kessel number really sticks out. too low IMO
  2. ummm, I dont think you were alone! (didnt mean to imply you were anything but informative) its cool to see looking back, that for most of us, our first intro to her was only 9 months ago.....I had barely heard her name before the Aussie Open, and Dubey asking you your opinion was classic FCP...hey Bob, whos this tennis guy/girl?!!?!?
  3. congrats Dave! love the 8-8-8 factor. and congrats to you Danny, maybe you get lucky with Nov 1, 1:11am
  4. Daniel, just FYI.....I think you got something wrong on your draft list. You have me at #66 but thats Ingmen, owned by Swackers I have Swackers 4th pick, #74
  5. I can honestly say I haven't read one article that says the Bruins are even a big favourite. The most shocking thing I read was the line at bet365, which I jumped on right away. Leafs+145
  6. Which Boston Bruins fan forum are you guys on that you find these narratives? Lol Lucky to win one game? I don't think anyone with any knowledge of hockey would say that. You guys need to stop going out to dinner with Jack Edwards.
  7. So sorry for your loss Bob, may he rest in peace.
  8. Really sucks that this is coming after the deadline when guys like Gudbranson were available.
  9. Huge night tonight Raptor fans. Spurs in town and with them the return of my favourite Raptor of all time. The return of the man who was instrumental in the Raptors becoming a top franchise in the NBA over the last years, and one of the most honest to goodness good guys in the NBA. Welcome home Rudy Gay!
  10. I was listening to Marc Savard, and he was complaining about the same thing (Hainsey should be 3rd pairing, Muzzin #1...Marleau should be #4 line) And I was thinking, maybe this current lineup isnt going to be what Babcock is going to use in the playoffs? Maybe he's just easing Muzzin in. I feel like it sounds like Im making excuses, but who knows how Muzzin feels right now, what Babcocks long term plan is. I guess there is something to be said though if by game 70 you arent using playoff ready lineups
  11. exactly! lol thanks buddy, appreciate it. you always come through for me with this stuff!
  12. Hey Wayne, need your expertise. We got a signed Leafs hockey stick (wood), signed by the whole team, with MLSE cert. Any idea/best guess on value?
  13. I was watching the SJ game on Monday, and a controversial penalty occurred....and then he said something that was in favour of SJ, made a lot of sense, and was articulated without yelling. I honestly wondered what was wrong with him.
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